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  1. Kingsinger

    RadCity in the Wild in South Seattle

    Drove past somebody about an hour ago riding a RadCity south over the Jose Rizal bridge in Beacon Hill, Seattle. Wonder if they're on this forum. If so, would be curious how they are liking their bike.
  2. Kingsinger

    Does it suck pedaling a Befang mid-drive system with the motor off?

    Header says it all. Just curious what it's like riding a bike with the Befand mid-drive system when the motor is off?
  3. Kingsinger

    Does anyone make conversion kit to create a Faux Faraday?

    I rode a Faraday electric bike a couple of weeks ago, and while I loved the styling, I don't have $3500 to spend on a bike like that. So I'm trying to figure out whether there is an ebike conversion kit that would yield a user experience that's similar to the Faraday. Here are the attributes I...