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  1. Coolbob


    Slime to the what do I do? I happened to notice what looked like a mangled paperclip on top of my tire recently while installing a new rear rack, The wire was kinda chewed up as if it had been there for a while and as I picked it up I discovered about 1/2" of it was embedded in my...
  2. Coolbob

    How many gears do you really need & use?

    My Class-3, 42t chainring, mid-drive bike has a Shimano Nexus 7-speed internal hub and it has the perfect number of gears and ratios for where and how I ride. As you might imagine, I use #4 & #5 for 80% of my riding. #3 for slight inclines. #2 for more serious hills. #1 for the the steepest...
  3. Coolbob

    Need paint color match for Trek Rage Red

    If you can't find a match among the available nail polishes and car touch-up paints, go to a hobby shop and pick up some model enamel. I bought a used pick-up truck when I was in high school and it had several on the sides and tailgate. I couldn't find any automotive paint that matched the...
  4. Coolbob

    Yamaha battery subjected to high temperatures - still safe to use?

    I have many items that use lithium batteries that spend a lot of time in my vehicle under temperatures from 25 to 130f. My iPod lives in my vehicle 365 days a year and after four years and thousands of charge cycles it's just now starting to show diminished battery capacity. I have camera...
  5. Coolbob

    2021 Momentum Transend E+

    I'll second @Ludrus's advice on adjusting the shifter. The shifter cable is the only cable on the bike since it uses hydraulic brakes. All cables stretch over time and periodic, minor adjustments are necessary to compensate for the cable stretch. I had to adjust mine a few times in the first few...
  6. Coolbob

    Yamaha Drives Loud?

    We have a pair of Momentum eBikes that use the Giant/Yahama SyncDrive Life mid drive motors. One bike is over a year old and the other has less than 20 miles on it. The only time I notice any noise is when the bike is on the edge of giving light assist or no assist. The motor is fairly quiet and...
  7. Coolbob

    Consumer Reports - 'Is an E-bike right for you?'

    @retiredNH agreed that it's very basic and incomplete, 99% of the folks on these forums won't learn anything from the article. The intended audience is folks who are new to E-bikes.
  8. Coolbob

    Consumer Reports - How Bike Racks Affect a Car's Fuel Economy

    I was surprised at how much of an impact bike racks can have on fuel economy, even hitch mounted racks can make a notable difference...
  9. Coolbob

    Consumer Reports - 'Is an E-bike right for you?'

    Consumer Reports has put together a pretty basic rundown of the different classes and types of E-bikes. It's a good place to start for those just learning about E-bikes...
  10. Coolbob

    Should it be legal for kids to ride ebikes?

    I am not in favor of compulsory helmet laws for bicycles or eBikes, but I'm surprised so many parents provide their kids with high-risk (and in some cases illegal to use on roads) forms of transportation without purchasing and making the kids use helmets.
  11. Coolbob

    Should it be legal for kids to ride ebikes?

    We live in a semi-upscale neighborhood just outside the city limits with 3 to 5 acre lots, 2,400 to 6,000 square foot family homes. With the combination of relative affluence and minimal county law enforcement the children are frequently on the streets driving golf carts, 4 wheelers, side by...
  12. Coolbob

    GIANT RideControl App 2.0

    I had some difficulty updating my Momentum many months ago when Giant changed app developers and the new "2.0" app came out. I'm sorry that some folks are still having occasional update problems but I'm happy to report that every update on our Transend E+ and Vita E+ bikes have been easy-peasy...
  13. Coolbob

    2021 Momentum Transend E+

    I don't commute so I have the luxury of only riding when the weather is nice so no fenders are one of the things I like about the Momentum bikes. :)
  14. Coolbob

    Adding aftermarket 6-volt headlight to Momentum Transend E+ (& Giant and Liv bikes)

    @Wwarren the headlight being on by default became the default setting with a firmware update a while back. I've got a headlight/taillight wired to the circuit, so I'm glad it now comes on by default. My headlight has a switch on it that cycles through four headlight options...
  15. Coolbob

    Adding aftermarket 6-volt headlight to Momentum Transend E+ (& Giant and Liv bikes)

    @Wwarren Thanks for sharing! I tried to fish my wire out through the cable hole, but I couldn't locate the wire so I removed the battery lock and found the headlight wire/connector way up against the headset. Nice looking headlight and it sure saves a lot of hassle having the proper connector...
  16. Coolbob

    Chain maintenance

    Opinions on chain maintenance are a lot like bellybuttons, everyone has one. I made a YouTube video on my maintenance routine and here's the link for your consideration.
  17. Coolbob

    Just received my Device Therapy Bike Mount & Reflector for Apple AirTag and I'm really Impressed.

    There are dozens of different products for stashing AirTags on bikes being produced and they are listed on thousands on websites including Amazon, BestBuy, Etsy and others where they are viewed by Millions of viewers. So yea, I'm really scared that a bike thief that lives in my town is going...
  18. Coolbob

    Front and Rear Lights Installed on Giant with L&M Lights

    Great writeup, thanks for sharing again @drewberz. @drewberz original post, along with some YouTube videos inspired me to add Nip&Tuck lights to my Momentum Transend E+ a couple of months ago and I am so glad I did it...
  19. Coolbob

    Just received my Device Therapy Bike Mount & Reflector for Apple AirTag and I'm really Impressed.

    Every video I've seen on silencing the AirTags breaks the mounting tabs on the device and requires glue to reassemble the unit. I've figured out a better way that doesn't break tabs or require glue to reassemble. Please subscribe, gotta get 1,000 subscribers for my channel to reach the next...
  20. Coolbob

    Does e-Biking Help You With Other Sports?

    IMO any activity is good and any cross training is even better. Since retiring a few years ago, my primary activity year round is Pickleball. For a few years I played Pickleball four or five days a week and golfed once or twice a week. Pickleball gave me sore knees and tennis elbow, the golf...