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  1. D.Unwin

    Interesting Alternative (Dengfu E10 Build)

  2. D.Unwin

    Where do I stand with undelivered goods?

    Where do I stand with undelivered goods from Alibaba (Frey)? My bike has arrived but the batteries have nearly been 2 months + the 6 months waiting for the bike and due to ordering the bike through Alibaba, Alibaba automatically after so many days confirm the goods as delivered, I have...
  3. D.Unwin

    Frey Delivery Issues Moan

    Right, it's about time now to show how pissed off I am with the delivery issues of Frey, I have had every excuse under the sun now, COVID, wrong tracking numbers, and now after 45 days of my batteries being posted BREXIT is now the problem, my opinion is what a load of bollox. I was told 10-15...
  4. D.Unwin

    What Battery Ranges Are People Getting?

    I am after personal experiences, what PAS you were in what size battery/motor you have, flat roads, trails, etc... Everyone will be different I know cheers :)
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    Frey EX Is Finally Ready...

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    Frey M600

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    Frey EX Review (Tested),to%20ride%2C%20instead%20it's%20addictive.
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    Bafang Ultra Alternative Settings For Basic, Pedal Assist & Throttle Handle..

    I found these settings online & thought they might be helpful, it is something I will be trying out once my Frey arrives, please feel free to add your own proven settings for a smoother ride from the Bafang Ultra Motor. The link to the website is at the bottom... Basic tab: Remember to...