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  1. ramg1967

    Tubeless Tire

    Hi, I have been riding this bike for the last 11 months. Yesterday, I had a flat tire. Will be taking the bike to the shop for fix tomorrow. Just want to know, if anybody here have installed tubeless tire on this bike - if so what is your experience and how much it will cost - average...
  2. ramg1967

    ODO meter stopped working - is it fixable.....

    I am disappointed with the bike. Just after one week of riding the ODO meter stopped working. Currently it is showing 20KMS and does not change. How can, I fix this issue. I have written email to Lectric bike and waiting for their response. Thanks Ram
  3. ramg1967

    Is it possible to set PAS 1 as default setting?

    Hi, When I power on the bike the PAS is 0. I would like to set this to 1 as default setting and it should remain as PAS 1 all the time. I use throttle all the time and rarely pedal.
  4. ramg1967

    Hack to increase 20MPH to 28MPH???

    Just received the bike today. Took for a test drive and it was wonderful. Max speed was 20MPH. Any hack to change the speed to 28MPH? Appreciate your help. Also looking for help in getting a GPS for the bike to protect from thieves? Any thoughts??? Thanks Ram
  5. ramg1967

    How to adjust front and rear brakes on Volt Mariner 2018 model

    Hello All, Just want to know how to adjust front and rear brakes on Volt Mariner. I have the tools at home and I would like to learn on how to adjust the brake. Taking to bike to a shop for adjusting the brake will cost $20. If, I can do it myself would be of great help. Thanks RL
  6. ramg1967

    Dealer in Toronto?

    I purchased this bike on 27th Dec 2019. So far it is working fine. No issue. I got it through Kijiji seller who purchased the bike from Seoul in 2018. I would like to know, if there are any dealers within Toronto. Thanks RL
  7. ramg1967

    Police Harassment

    Hello Everyone, I have a ebike (Volt Bike). I use the bike for work and grocery shopping. Summer has started and police harassment is too much. They simply stop me and ask why, I am not wearing helmet even though, I am riding and pedaling at a speed of less than 20 kms even though the bike...
  8. ramg1967

    LCD Settings

    Hello All, Today, I purchased Volt Bike Mariner 2018 model. It is not brand new but used for 5 months with 140 kms driven. I closed the deal for $1450 Canadian. I would like to know, if there are any good tips to make the bike run fast by changing default settings. I looked at volt site -...
  9. ramg1967

    Stromer ST1 Display Monitor Time Issue

    Hello All - Joined the forum few days ago. This is my first post. Just want to know how to do. The stromer st1 display monitor does not show correct time. I tried updating the time - yet it is behind 2-3 hours every day. Do, I need to change the battery for the display monitor and if so, is...