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    Rad Rover code error 23

    I got it working again. It appears that one of the plug connecters had started to work its way loose. Thanks
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    Rad Rover code error 23

    Does anyone know what a LCD error code 23 is a 2015 Rad Rover? Thanks, Mike
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    Ghetto Tubeless

    I think this has come up before but I can't find the thread. Has anyone gone ghetto tubeless with the "stock rims and tires" on the Radrover?
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    Changes to my RadRover

    @Steven A Bean The Go Cruise is OK but I don't find myself using it much. I never use it around town, only on longer rides on bike paths. It's nice to be able to go a few miles without ever pedaling or holding the throttle but of course this takes it's toll on battery life. It hold it's place...
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    Radrover fenders

    @walawn It looks like you misunderstood my question. Hopefully the photo will help. I understand how they work and I didn't have any problem mounting them. The instructions show 3 small holes punched out of the front fender. (arrows) As you can see in the photo of my actual fender, I haven't...
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    Forum Updates and Feedback

    @Court I was wondering if maybe there is a way to put a map (perhaps in the introduce yourself area) in which members would have the option of putting a 'pin" in the general area in which they live? It would be interesting to see if there are any other Ebikes in ones neighborhood. Maybe folks...
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    Radrover fenders

    @walawn I received my Axiom fenders today. The front one has 3 small punch out holes right where it attaches to the clip bracket. I don't get why these are there or what they do. Did you punch yours out? Thanks, Mike
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    Radrover fenders

    I ended up buying a set of Axiom Fat Bike fenders on EBay. Paid only $27 for both including shipping so if they don't work out I wouldn't be too mad.
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    Radrover fenders

    Has anyone bought the fenders from Rad that they started selling a couple of months ago for the Radrover? The front one seems so small that it's hard to believe that it would do any good.
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    I met COURT and learned some new stuff....about COURT

    I was always a little curious about him. I mainly wondered if he worked. I thought to myself, how does he do a 40 hour week and find time to do the test rides and keep up with this website. Now you have answered this. I met Crazy Lenny this summer and I always wanted to meet Court. Maybe someday...
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    Changes to my RadRover

    It looks like many of the above questions have been answered, however I'll briefly go over them from my prospective. The rack is a PakRak Model IB-RA5. The Ibera bag is a large and the above answer about the frame size difference is spot on. I have had zero issues with the battery being in the...
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    RadWagon - just arrived and a few questions

    The plug fails on almost everyone of their batteries, it doesn't mater which bike. It's probably best that you put several miles on the bike and get extremely comfortable on it before you put the kids on the back.
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    question about the motors on the radrover

    Here's another twist to the whole situation. I have a late RR (last batch) of the 2015's. It has a bafang that is stamped 500w. But I also get up and over 750W on the LCD routinely. 781W is the highest I've seen. Wasn't there another thread where someone contacted Rad about the 500W stamp...
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    An update on my life: BBSHD 52V Radrover & "Frankenbike"

    @walawn I also do not like the stock junk front fork. RR had to replace it after only 200 miles because it broke. Can you be more specific as to which (model) front fork you bought? Thanks
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    Owner referral?

    Hopefully you will get your gift card. From my latest experience (and I know of another member on this forum) we never got ours and they have completely ignored our emails asking what is going on. I did get a gift card once but only after a couple of months and several emails. If they are not...
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    RadRover handlebars

    Mark, The LCD display is distorted because the sun is hitting it. For the summer months I wanted to do more of paved bike trail riding so I switched to the Vee Speedster tires which gave me a smoother quieter ride. I also gained about 2 mph.
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    RadRover handlebars

    I decided I wanted to sit completely upright and put on both an adjustable handlebar stem and a 5 inch rise, 27 .75 length Sunlight handlebar on. It was an interesting project and took me about 2 hours. The hardest part was getting the handlebar grips on and off. At one point I thought about...
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    Rad Rover side-lined by motor issue

    I hate to complicate the issues but there is an exception. The last batch of RR's of the 2015 model ( I have one) do have the 2016 Bafang 750 motor.
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    Changes to my RadRover

    The 2015 had no clear coat and the decal took me less than a minute to get off. The 2016 are clear coated.
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    Not sure why but I wanted to let you know that your photo attachment didn't go through properly...

    Not sure why but I wanted to let you know that your photo attachment didn't go through properly and doesn't show up when opened.