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  1. Dewey

    Cyklær ebike German brand Cyklær is a partnership of Storck Bicycle, Porsche Digital, Fazua & Greyp. Two models initially, a gravel ebike and a city bike, costing around $8,500, 4 carbon frame sizes, drop or flat bar options, uses the Fazua Evation Ride 50 hub motor (55nm, 250w) and...
  2. Dewey

    VanMoof at the Paris Fashion Show A collaboration between Paris fashion house Pigalle and VanMoof. Custom paint job on the bikes
  3. Dewey

    New cargo, kid, and dog accessories for Tern HSD

    A couple of videos from Arleigh Greenwald highlighting some new accessories for the Tern HSD for carrying and weather protecting cargo, a child passenger, or a dog
  4. Dewey

    Best Buy will sell ebikes in the US

    This came up in a conversation I had with a Bird Rep last week, he mentioned they will sell their new ebikes both online and in big box stores in the US including Best Buy. This 'Verge' article describes Best Buy will sell both online and stock ebikes in 9 locations from October 2021: Austin...
  5. Dewey

    New Junto models

    Junto currently no longer have their original 29er ebike or Metro Mule models, two new models are shown on their website: MetroMini folding model, and the Junto One ST step-through
  6. Dewey

    Bird Bike New ebikes sold by shared scooter rental company Bird, come in diamond frame and step-through versions, 500w Bafang rear geared hub motor, 36v 12.8ah battery, Class 2, single-speed, and belt drive. The diamond-frame looks similar to a Wing Freedom or VanMoof S3.
  7. Dewey

    Tucson, AZ, ban on ebikes riding the Loop

    Recently Kyle Chittock of Bolton Ebikes recorded a video describing the ebike ban Pima County have on the Chuck Huckleberry Loop, 136 miles of paved shared use paths and bicycle lanes that encircles Tucson, AZ. The local ban is despite Arizona having adopted the People for Bikes model ebike...
  8. Dewey

    Serial 1-OFF custom creations

    Micah Toll at Electrek reports on a custom tweaked Serial 1 Mosh model with components meant to resemble a Schwinn Stingray/Raleigh Chopper, he says Serial 1 may release future custom designs and auction off the bike.
  9. Dewey

    Bafang H700 dual-speed geared hub motor

    Bafang have announced a new model 250w (32nm) rated geared hub motor the H700 weighing about 7lb with 2-speed automatic shifting, featuring a bottom bracket torque sensor, and controller integrated with the 10ah downtube integrated battery. With a single downtube button and bluetooth but no...
  10. Dewey

    Accell launch Raleigh branded e-cargo bikes in the UK for commercial fleets Dutch bike company Accell Group are targeting the UK commercial fleet market with a new line of e-cargo bikes powered by a Yamaha mid-drive and using an Enviolo 330 CVT drivetrain. An Info pack for British companies is online here...
  11. Dewey

    New EasyFlow model

    Currently only available in the EU
  12. Dewey

    Question about Anderson Connectors

    Time to buy a new battery, I’ve ordered an EM3EV pack from California Ebike, I think EM3EV fit them with 30a Anderson Connectors. I have 45a High Detent Anderson Connectors on my 36v BBS01. Am I right that these will mate together without problems?
  13. Dewey

    Batch ebikes available via Beeline Connect

    BRAIN report Batch Bicycles, including their ebikes, from August 2021 will be available to be ordered for assembly at a participating local bike shop using Beeline Connect. This does not mean the bikes will arrive any faster, currently as of June 2021 the Batch Bikes website estimates a...
  14. Dewey

    Harris Cyclery closes Harris Cyclery in the Boston suburb of Newton, MA, has closed. For many years this store employed the legendary Sheldon Brown, the most knowledgeable bicycle mechanic in North America, and hosted his website which is a goldmine of arcane knowledge...
  15. Dewey

    Bunch Bikes partners with Argo Bikes on electric front box conversion kit

    Bunch Bikes who sell electric cargo trikes that have been reviewed here on EBR, are partnering with Argo Bikes to sell an electric version of their front cargo box conversion kit for a pedal bike they are rebranding as the Bunch Connect. Equipped with a front hub motor and disk brake, like the...
  16. Dewey

    Connecticut ebike rebate legislative action alert

    People for bikes have posted a legislative action alert for Connecticut residents
  17. Dewey

    Woom Up e-MTB for kids 24" model pitched at age 7-11 years, 26" model at 10-14, 35lb, Fazua 250w/55nm motor, smallish 250wh frame integrated battery
  18. Dewey

    Etnnic trikes from Spain

    A Spanish brand Etnnic offers a line of tadpole trikes for the EU market including this folding model with a hub motor.
  19. Dewey

    Veloe eMidtail

    Imported from Italy to the US by J C Lind of Chicago, uses the Shimano Steps e6100, Nexus 5e IGH, and 24" wheels
  20. Dewey

    Adapter to use Yuba Monkey Bars on Radwagon 4

    Recently learned the RadWagon Caboose bars are out of stock. There is an adapter called the SuperKnuckle that can be used to mount Yuba Monkey Bars to a RadWagon 4