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  1. jwb

    Brake master cylinder squeak

    I finally got around to swapping in Deore XT M8000 brakes on my Turbo and I am so happy. It got rid of that damned squeaking sound that the Formula master cylinders make when you release them. Yay.
  2. jwb

    How to actually change settings on Turbo?

    These instructions are nonsense, and the picture contradicts the text. The words say to press to the left, but the image says to press down on center. My model Turbo doesn't even have the brake that integrates with the computer, so it can't be involved either. How do you actually get into the...
  3. jwb

    Replacing entire Turbo front brake system

    I think the brakes are the weak link in the Turbo model. They are really terrible. My original disc was worn below the 1.65mm limit in less than 2000km. I tried replacing the disc with an Avid g2, which didn't end well. On the first stop the disc was noticeably warped. Like an idiot, I...
  4. jwb

    Tire sizes other than 700x45c

    Anyone tried other sizes? I think I saw a photo on here of someone with a 700x38c. What are my options? Tubeless? I had a blowout flat on the way to the office this morning and my rear is ruined. I could get another Electrak but I'd like to explore a bit.
  5. jwb

    Brake pad life

    I changed my brake pads today, because they have always been loud. Surprisingly they were already worn to the limit (0.95mm) after only 1200km. I'm a bit surprised. Replaced 'em with Jagwire Pro X. Silent.
  6. jwb

    Remote controller fault

    So I was riding up the big hill to my house, in Turbo mode with 30% charge indicated when the motor cuts out. The controller display has a flashing turbo/lightning bolt indicated, which is supposed to mean throttle mode that my bike doesn't even support. So I restart the bike, it seems to...
  7. jwb

    Range maybe just a teensy bit short

    Third week with my Turbo. It seems that I am regularly running out of battery (where "out" means less than 20%) before I get home, which is a 26-29 mile trip depending on my route. The shorter routes are straight up a very steep hill, while the longer ones are gentler slopes, but of course the...