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  1. DragNLady

    Front shocks

    If I ride 90% on pavement, and 10% on gravel trails, is it worth it to pay $500. for front shocks? And does a suspension seat post make a difference if you just ride on pavement? I just bought a Pedego Interceptor, but am wondering if I should buy the Special Edition instead (manly because I...
  2. DragNLady

    Anyone have any updated info on Bionx company?

    Is it safe to buy a bike with Bionx parts? Am looking at an ELBY. Can't seem to find much info online about the restructuring of the Bionx company and whether they are back in the clear. I assume they are. Many thanks if someone can give me some info. on them
  3. DragNLady

    Looking for a new e-bike - need suggestions

    I have a RAD City Step-thru, (750 watt, 48 volt, 14aH), and a Electra Townie (400watt, 11 aH) I like them both but not thrilled with either of them. Rad has too much power in level 1 so I get no exercise, and the Townie is a slog getting up steep hills. Trying to find the "perfect" bike...
  4. DragNLady

    750 watt vs 500 watt motor

    I am planning to buy a trailer to pull on my bike. The weight of the trailer and person will be 200 pounds. I will only be pulling the trailer on the rail trail, flat terrain, no hills, no streets to cross. I will be getting a RAD City Step-thru with 48v and 14 amp. and a direct drive hub...
  5. DragNLady

    Is it possible to lower the PAS level?

    Just got my Rad City Step Thru. I really like it except for 2 things. The battery is quite difficult to remove, I have hurt my fingers and broken a couple of nails trying to remove it. I hated the first e-bike I bought but it had a handle on the battery which made it SO easy to remove! Why...
  6. DragNLady

    Which is better to buy for a new bike?

    Puncture proof tires or a liner and goop? Am buying a Rad City Step thru, it has 26’’ x 2.3’’ Kenda K-Rad Tires, but I want to make sure I have the best tires or liner to help prevent flats. I will be riding in AZ, where we have a lot of goatheads. My biggest fear of riding this bike is...
  7. DragNLady

    Can’t decide- Rad City or Surface 604 Rook

    I am going crazy trying to decide which bike to buy! I just want to make a decision and go ride! I have spent over 30 hours and printed off over 40 pages of info., googling and reading everything I can, but still don’t know which one to get. I am thinking maybe the Rad City 750w, 48v, 14Ah, or...
  8. DragNLady

    Opinions wanted on Green Bike GB2 stepthru cruiser

    On paper, this looks great, 500 Watts, Samsung 48 volt, 15.6amp. Have never heard of a 8 Fun motor though, so that really concerns me. It is aluminum but still weighs 60 pounds. Great price, on sale for $1500. From $2,000. Am trying to find a place in Scottsdale or Phoenix to test drive one...
  9. DragNLady

    Tune-up and regular maintenance

    How often do I need to have a tune-up done? What other maintenance do I need to do? How often do I need to grease the chain? How often do I need to change tires, chain, brake pads etc.? I will be riding the bike about 100 miles per week during winter and 25 miles per week during Summer...
  10. DragNLady

    nominal or peak output?

    Am doing a lot of research, trying to find the best bike for me. Am returning the first e-bike I bought, because I did not like it. One of the guys that I rode with today told me to check on the nominal or peak output on a bike. I did a search on this site for "nominal or peak output" and also...
  11. DragNLady

    Which batteries recharge as you pedal?

    Hi, I have heard that some batteries recharge as you pedal? Or recharge as you are cruising downhill? Can't find any info on this. Any info appreciated, thanks in advance.
  12. DragNLady


    Has anyone tried the Patchnride: Permanently fix a bike tire flat in 60 seconds? If so, does it work?
  13. DragNLady

    Returned my DJ City Bike

    I was very disappointed with my DJ City bike. On Pedal Assist level one, it shot forward all the time. I would do one rotation of the wheels, and it shot forward, I would wait for my companion (on a reguar bike) to catch up, then do one more rotation, then shot forward again, waited for her...