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    New to EBikes and RadMini - Dallas

    I've got about 50 miles now on a Rad Mini that's somewhere around six weeks old. I was impressed with it on the very first ride. It's a highly capable machine. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
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    Introducing myself.

    Thank you, Ann M. Those gas bikes are definitely finished, kaput, fubar-ed, man.:) Although I actually don't dislike them on principle. I'm very fond of low powered, miserly internal combustion engines. Though I do think that all gasoline engines need to be gone...
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    Introducing myself.

    Hello, all. I'm a recent buyer of two e-bikes from Rad Power bikes of Seattle. One "Rad Rover" and one "Rad Mini". Purchased them in Dec, 17. I've got about a hundred miles on the Rover and about 50 miles on the Mini. And I'm highly impressed with both. I guess I was inclined to write here...