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    Fenders from Big O Mfg.

    I bought a set of these fenders and still haven't installed them. I'm in Canada and thought that dealing with Voltbike would be easier. It wasn't. It took a long time to ship them and there was a lack of communication that was annoying. The rear fender should fit ok with some modifications but...
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    Chain coming off

    I'm wondering if it's this particular batch of bikes that weren't assembled well at the factory or have a defective part. We have a late 2015 RR and an early 2016 RR with combined use of over 1000 miles. We've never had a problem with chains or done anything other than small adjustments to the...
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    Yuba Bread Basket

    They just posted the rear rack for the 2016 RadRover on their website yesterday so hopefully more accessories are on the way. I suppose that they've had their hands full with the launch of the RadMini.
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    Yuba Bread Basket

    They have been saying "expect something in the next 30 days" since January.
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    How many of you bought this bike sight unseen?

    I bought one sight unseen. Then I bought another! No problem climbing hills if you pedal along. The biggest issue to consider is the size and weight of the bike. My wife has never spent a lot of time on bikes and found it a bit intimidating at first. Now she absolutely loves it! The other thing...
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    2016 RadRover

    On the battery life issue that I described above; I tried the same 55km ride after swapping battery packs between the bikes. What I found was, initially the older pack didn't show a drop in power as quickly but at the end of the ride the displayed number of bars was basically the same. In other...
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    2016 RadRover

    That connector is rectangular and has four pins. It's white with a rubber cap covering it.
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    2016 RadRover

    Nice catch! There is a usb port on the display. It's tucked nicely under the left side with a black rubber cap so I hadn't even noticed it there.
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    2016 RadRover

    The new bike still has PAS0. It just always starts up in PAS1. Just an oddball thing that I've observed. The display is the same SW-LCD. There is a small white connector with a cover on it down below the controller near the bottom bracket. I do like the new programming for PAS1. On the older...
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    2016 RadRover

    Now I have one of each. My white RR was picked up in early December and I picked up a new 2016 black model last weekend! Here are some more observations and differences from the older model: -Derailleur is now Shimano Acera -High rise handlebars aprox. 1 inch higher -LCD mount had to be bent...
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    2016 RadRover

    You're right Mark. Mine has the fender attach points as well but the new bike also has separate mounting point for a rear rack.
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    2016 RadRover

    You have to click on the "Buy" link to see the new pictures. Most of the website still has old pictures. I pickup up mine about a month ago as well. No fender mount points. (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)
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    2016 RadRover

    I was surfing the RPB website the other day and noticed some great new features on the latest version of the RadRover. Here are the ones that I noticed: -new frame with internally routed wires on the top tube and attachment points for a back rack -new fork -quick release front wheel -smaller...
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    RadRover Odometer Thread

    I picked up the RR a little less than a month ago and have 300km (186miles) on it, all recreational ridding as opposed to commuting. The weather here on the west coast was very windy and rainy for the first couple of weeks but turned cold and clear recently. My longest ride so far is 52.5km...
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    Does anybody use their throttle?

    PAS 99.9% of the time but I mostly ride trails and rural roads. The few times that I've been in traffic, I found the throttle useful to get me moving at intersections while I keep my eyes peeled for traffic.
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    Congrats on the new bike! Is this the first shipment of the Stunner? The first bikes were supposed to ship in October then I was told "Well before the holidays".
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    Fenders from Big O Mfg.

    Thanks for the info. I emailed these guys a week ago and never heard back. How did you specify the hardware for the RR? It seems that they supplied the ones that RPB used to have on their website so I was a bit surprised that there wasn't a RR kit on the Big O website.
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    Battery charging

    Same issue here. I've only charged the battery about 4 times and it sparked once. No noticeable problem otherwise.
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    hub motor manufacturer

    I'm really enjoying the new Radrover. One difference that I noticed today is that the Bafang motor does not have a quick disconnect. When I picked it up, I asked about it and was told it was under the slap guard. However, when I peeled the guard off after my ride today to make sure that...
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    Anyone know of Taotao, or Ewind bikes ?

    I completely agree about the confusing numbers from Biktrix. I was seriously looking at the Stunner but was put off by the way they are marketing that thing. I'm pretty sure that it's not intentional but I figured if they can't get simple price details right, how are they going to be to deal...