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    Trek Allant+8S problems

    1. The compass on the COBI. Bike app is off by 90degrees. A friend has the same bike. Same problem. On other threads others have the same problem. When I turn the phone on the compass is perfect. I walk it to my starting g point. Compass perfect. As soon as I start to pedal it shifts 90 degrees...
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    Allant +8S

    The instructions say to remove the battery while the bike is being transported. If it’s pouring rain during the transport is the open hole OK. It drains? Dirt from the wet roads getting in there- no problem? Should the open area be flushed with clean water? Should the hole be covered with Saran...
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    Misceo IE -Change tire size in computer?

    How does one change the tire size number in the computer?
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    Raleigh Misceo IE or Trek Conduit+

    Same motor/battery, different rears. Any comments?