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    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    Near downtown Dallas along White Rock Creek and on the Katy Trail
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    Freewheel change

    I have a BCD 104 46T installed with the stock freewheel. I thought that would help me get rid of the hamster effect but it didn't. I ordered a 11-28 7 speed freewheel to see if that will help. What will I need to do with the chain. Right now it's about as tight as I dare to make it.
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    Different chainring

    I saw a short video on Youtube where the guy swapped out his stock chain ring 42T for a 104mm 46T. He said this solved the resistance problem when in high gear PAS 5. Does this sound right?
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    Fenders for Rad Rover

    I called and they said they had 4 sets in stock but they had forgotten to change the "out of stock" notice on the website. I ordered a set and the website has been corrected. Grab a set now while they have them available.
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    Q: Has owning an e-bike changed your car driving habits?

    I have been biking the 10 miles to work 4 times a week since getting my ebike. I have a combination of 10 foot wide bike path, 2 lane and 4 lane streets. Only have to cross one 6 lane at a light. I am lucky because I travel north while most of the traffic travels south. I teach 8th grade and the...
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    Got hit by a car last night

    Good to hear the bike is okay..... and you too :)
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    Greetings from Brazil

    Bom dia Paulo! Pictures would be appreciated of both bike and town :)
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    Evelo Orion

    Anyone else have an Orion? Had mine a week and have 150 miles on it already :)
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    It's functional...

    I've been able to ride to school for the last 3 days with all my stuff. Laptop, backpack and lunch with room leftover for my Yeti. Crate is held on with grip ties from Home Depot. I have a flashing red light attached to back of crate for visibility. (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)
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    First Ride: 20 miles this morning to work out the kinks...

    Evelo service called me and told me that you have to push mode/up button at same time to activate backlight on display. Problem solved.
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    First Ride: 20 miles this morning to work out the kinks...

    I put the bike together yesterday afternoon and charged it last night. This morning's ride was a shakedown to see if everything worked as advertised. Things I noticed: The front fender was not in a good place as it rattled a bit. The fix was to attach it behind the front caliper instead of...
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    Hello ... Evelo Orion just arrived today

    After having my left knee replaced twice in 3 years and struggling on a Trek Navigator for rehab I finally bought an e-bike to help me get the exercise I need. The pedal assist is so much easier on my knee. I went 10 miles this evening and the knee wasn't swollen at all. Good to see there is a...