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    DASH....Yikes the Tool Wrench?

    Hello All, I have about 400 miles on my E3 Dash and was out this morning (around 90 degrees at 9am...Las Vegas ) riding. The ride was short 10 miles but had some decent inclines. Had the PAS in number 4 most of the way and right before I got home the Tool Wrench popped up on the LCD. It then...
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    Changing Gears?

    We have the e3 metro and soon the e3 Dash. This is our first e bikes and our first bikes with more than one gear. The question is when changing gears should you peddle while changing or stop peddling, change and then peddle? I just saw a great review on this blog about the Neo carbon and i think...
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    Sore Tailbone!

    I bought my Wife the 2013 e3 metro last year in Dec and I have put about 160 + miles on it. When I go out on a ride - anywhere from 10 miles to 30 miles my tailbone is sore!!!! I have pre ordered the e3 Dash and the seat on the Dash does not look as big or as comfortable as the metro. I...
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    E3 Dash...test riders?

    To All that have tested and rode the E3 Dash, I have pre ordered the Dash and im very excited to have it later this month. My wife has the 2013 metro...our first experience on a ebike. And like most we giggled and felt like a kid again. We both cant wait for me to get my Dash so we can ride...
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    Bike Size....M or L?

    Court and bike community, I have pre ordered the izip e3 dash in small/medium 17". I am about 5'11" 165lbs. My reasoning for the medium is I (think) I prefer to ride a bike in which I am bigger than the bike and not the bike bigger than me. I guess an example would be I don't want to feel like...
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    IZIP E3 Dash Release Date?

    Hi Court please help me out if you can. Last year my wife got the IZIP E3 Metro and loves it, I'm interested in buying the E3 Dash and need to know when it will be in stores? I live in Las Vegas and am hoping for exact date! Thanks, Justin