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    Help for Hybrid 26" 2011 Battery

    Hi everybody. I have lost the whole battery set (charger and case, battery pack included) and would like to buy a new one. I want a different one though, since the original model is old and heavy and way too expensive. I wouldn't mind more power/speed of course. Does anybody or do you know...
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    A2B Hybrid 24 Battery Not Working

    I'm having the same problem. thing is, I'm not in the UK, I'm in Italy. Could you explain what you actually man by reverse charge in detail? I know nothing about this stuff. I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
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    Hello, From A2B!

    Hi, I have read your post, but I'm a bit confused. Did you make a video of the whole process? I'm Italian, but I do speak English very well; if possible, I'd like to call you through Whatsapp/Skype/Facetime. Thanks