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    Amego Infinite discontinued ?

    I hear that the Amego Infinite brand has been discontinued , can anyone confirm this and why ?
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    Can anyone recommend decent panniers for Mr amegi infinite ?
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    Can anyone tell me the proper way to store batteries for the winter ? I plan to keep them stored in the house and they are are at about 25 % charge now . I hear that charging them for a hour every 4 to 6 weeks will keep them from going into sleep mode . Any thoughts or opinions ?
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    Bike rack

    Does anyone know of a good bike rack for 2 Amego infinite step through bikes ? They weigh about 60 pounds each with battery .
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    Amego electric bikes

    Hi all , Does anyone own or have any thoughts or views on the Amego Infinite ebike ? They are a Canadian company located in downtown Toronto. I can't find any reviews on this bike other than EBR on YouTube. I was hoping for some owner reviews.
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    Opinions .

    Does anyone have an Amego Infinite ? Or do you have any opinions on them ? They are a Canadian company.
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    First electric bike .

    Hello group , I'm planning on getting my first e bike and I need some advice . I'm 63 years old , 210 lbs and have asthma .I want an e bike that will do most of the work for me . I plan on mostly paved bike trails with minimal hills . I have looked at the rad city that has 500 watts rear...