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  1. Kivis

    Where to lock my ebike?

    Now that I am serious about ebiking, I am sometimes not finding places to shop at that have somewhere for me to lock my bike against. I don't mean legitimate bike racks. I mean no nothing. No poles or sign post, etc. Anyone else having this experience, too or is it just my town? Or can provide a...
  2. Kivis

    That dang Turbo Connect Display (TCD)

    That dang Turbo Connect Display (TCD) that comes standard with Vado SL 5.0 EQ so far is useless. The instructions (which took me forever to find) are such small print, I can not read it even with a loupe. When I blow it up (The instructions) the resolution gets blurred. Can't $4500 get me a...
  3. Kivis

    Charge City Ebike in South Florida

    They claim a 10 minute assembly upon arrival. Took me 12 minutes. A great entry into electric bikes. Pros: Sits well. comfy saddle. Battery is removable (I know pros and cons here but for me it's a pro) Weighs 40 lbs. when battery is removed. Lights are always on, a good safety feature Display...
  4. Kivis

    Recommend me a Bike rack for my SUV

    The one I have is just not sturdy enough to handle an E-Bike. It worked fine for my former bike which weighed 24 lbs. My Charge City E bike weighs about 40 lbs. sans the battery. Not bad but it flexes the arm in my present bike rack way too much. So I need a onsey but sturdier (maybe metal...
  5. Kivis

    I could wait no longer

    Seems like I have had a Specialized Vado SL 5.0 EQ on order at my LBS forever. So last Thursday I bite the bullet and bought a mail order bride, the Charge City Bike. It came in today with the promise from the company of a 10 minute assembly to get up and going. 18 minutes later I was out...
  6. Kivis

    any owners of Charge E bikes?

    Seem to have good value at an affordable price. Any owners out there? They haven't made it to the brand forum.
  7. Kivis

    Pimp me your Specialized E ride

    Show me some photos of your Specialized E ride. Have you done anything to your ride to make it more personal? Don't be shy.
  8. Kivis

    Can the battery be removed to charge indoors on a REVOLT E+ PRO?

    Can the battery be removed to charge indoors on a REVOLT E+ PRO?