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  1. Mtl_Biker

    Hello folks picked up my first ebike yesterday,hope it comes before the snow ? Started biking this summer after 20-25 years !!! I missed it alot

    Welcome Adrian! From another (West Island) Montrealer. What bike did you get? And from a local dealer or online? I've got a Giant Explore E+1. I've had it for a year now and unfortunately this year, due to Covid and other issues, I haven't ridden it as much as I did earlier. But I still...
  2. Mtl_Biker

    Rad City Step through in Montreal

    Welcome! From another Montrealer. Photos of your bike on the streets of Montreal would be most welcome! My bike is a Giant Explore E+1 which is a class 1 bike without a throttle. I can pedal it quite well without power assist but usually use the lowest (of 5) assist levels. Still get a...
  3. Mtl_Biker

    Giant Explore geometry issue?

    I have also been riding bikes for a long time... not quite as long as you but more than half a century. I've never heard that before. What I've always heard and believed, was that with the pedal down and parallel to the down tube of the bike, your leg should be almost fully extended, but not...
  4. Mtl_Biker

    RideControl EVO Display Questions

    I'm sorry... I guess I misunderstood about what was being asked. You are correct - cycling through the display options simply changed what is displayed on the small bottom readout. (And I'm quite happy with that.)
  5. Mtl_Biker

    RideControl EVO Display Questions

    Press the little button at the top of the display and it will cycle through the displayed information. Once you get to cadence, leave it there.
  6. Mtl_Biker

    Clicking sound from back wheel area

    Do you have a bike stand that gets the rear wheel off the ground? If so, spin the pedals/crank slowly and see if you hear the noise. Could be coming from the cassette (gears) or even the chain if there's a stuck link. Without getting the rear wheel off the ground it might be very hard to find...
  7. Mtl_Biker

    Removing Chainring? 2019 Explore E+1

    I doubt that an electric drill would have enough torque to loosen the bolt. Have you tried putting your wrench and socket on the bolt and then hitting the end of the wrench (or pry bar, whatever you're using) with a rubber mallet? I think that's what I did back when I was opening mine.
  8. Mtl_Biker


    I can't help with your problem, but what's a "PP9"? But it does sound like a mystery... especially since it seems to be correct when you check with an ohm meter.
  9. Mtl_Biker

    Removing Chainring? 2019 Explore E+1

    I'm having a senior moment here probably, but are you turning it in the right direction? I'm surprised it's so tight.
  10. Mtl_Biker

    Giant SyncDrive Pro 2020 "tuning"

    Thank you. It looks very similar to the BikeSpeed RS, except that yours isn't fully rectangular... looks like there's a notch or cutout. It might actually be larger overall than the BikeSpeed RS. Hard to tell. But good for you that you got it installed so easily. Ride in good health!
  11. Mtl_Biker

    Giant SyncDrive Pro 2020 "tuning"

    What's the name of the chip you got? Your link is to Google Translate, and it doesn't seem to work (times out, several times). And yes, (from your prior message) I'm sure that size does matter in regards to the frame size and internal space for stuffing a speed chip and longer wires. On my...
  12. Mtl_Biker

    Removing Chainring? 2019 Explore E+1

    You have a 36mm socket which needs a 1" driver????? I have a hard time believing that. If so it would mean the walls of the socket are unusually thin, plus I've never seen a 1" drive (I'm sure they must exist though). Common driver sizes are 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2", with the 1/2" most likely...
  13. Mtl_Biker

    Disc Brake rubbing?

    @Timpo... Thanks very much for those video links. I hadn't realized that Park Tools had such great repair videos. The adjustment seems fairly straight-forward and I'll get it done before I ride again. Cheers!
  14. Mtl_Biker

    Disc Brake rubbing?

    They're hydraulic. (2019 Giant Explore E+1 GTS)
  15. Mtl_Biker

    Disc Brake rubbing?

    With my bike up on a stand over the weekend, I noticed that if I spin my front wheel it stops spinning rather quickly (unlike the back which spins perfectly). I found that the disc brake pad is rubbing against the rotor, producing friction. Is there a way to adjust this so that the pad...
  16. Mtl_Biker

    Hello from icy Quebec! My name is Yves

    Do you know how much the actual duty was? Of course you had to pay GST and QST (Canadian and Quebec taxes on the Canadian exchanged cost) and probably some kind of brokerage fee. Plus transport. But with Free Trade, I'm surprised you had to pay duty as well. Oh... maybe (most probably!)...
  17. Mtl_Biker

    Hello from icy Quebec! My name is Yves

    Salut Yves! Et bienvenu! I'm in Montreal and have a Giant Explore E+1 GTS as well as an acoustic bike. Is there a Canadian source for the Luna? Photos of your bikes would be nice!
  18. Mtl_Biker

    New member Speedometer error

    It does not sound to me as if it's staying in KPH instead of MPH... 6 or 7 MPH is not too much of a difference unless perhaps you were only doing 10 MPH when you saw this. (10 MPH = 16 KPH). If you were doing a faster speed, maybe 20 MPH, it would be 32 KPH, much more than the little 6 or 7...
  19. Mtl_Biker

    How difficult is it to remove the rear wheel and reinstall?

    Not really difficult, depending... If you have a rear hub motor or belt drive (I have no experience with those) it might be more difficult. But other than the weight of the bike, it's no more difficult than a non-assisted bike. If you have a bike stand that gets the wheels up off the ground...
  20. Mtl_Biker

    Greetings from Aberdeen Scotland

    Welcome to the forum! Nice looking bike you have there. (I've got the same panniers, and I'm very happy with them.) I'm not quite "feeling" those yellow pedals though. Perhaps if you added something else yellow, maybe near the front it might balance out better. In the old days we would have...