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    Bafang 48v 500w front hub motor & 52v battery?

    So the kickbike is here, and I've ordered up a Bafang 48v, 500w front motor kit (100mm dropout spacing) that should arrive in the next few weeks. So now I need to figure out what battery to use. As my 52v 14s6p pack for my mid-drive bike is arriving this week, and I've got a nice 52v smart...
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    So, yeah... Haven't even finished my first ebike build, and really ought to be concentrating on that, but late nights on the web and YouTube can result in all kinds of madness. So as I'm looking at the 'basketball that transforms into an e-unicycle' and various hideously ugly enclosed-cabin...
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    Cheap Kenda Havoc Pro 27.5x2.8 and 27.5x3.0

    Found a fantastic deal on Kenda Havoc Pro ebike rated tires here: $45 and ship free down from the typical $75-80.
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    Battery Pack Dimensions

    So I'm looking at a handful of (to me, anyway) very exciting and creative ideas for mounting batteries to an ebike, and one of the first things that strikes me is the weird variance in the dimensions of some 18650 cell lithium battery packs. For example, (using DHGate not because I'd ever buy...
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    A new build contender

    First, thanks for the replies to my first post here. I appreciate the education and discussion! So I was blundering around the Interwebs and happened across an ad for a Momentum UX 3S @ $435 that got me really excited! It's a 26" x 2" hybrid with 160mm hydraulic brakes, Gates belt drive, and...
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    1st e-bike conversion, talk me up, or talk me down!

    Greetings and Salutations! So I've recently begun obsessing over e-bikes after selling off the 2008 Ninja 250 that was my daily driver for several years. My thinking is that I could use it for my short work commute during the summer, and let my 12-year-old ride it to school if that ever...