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  1. Larry Pizzi

    If your interested in access issues on eMountain Bikes, you may want to take a look at this poll.
  2. Larry Pizzi

    Yamaha Vs. Bosch eBike Drive Systems. Whats the difference?(Not in the US for at least another year)

    We are getting many questions about the Yamaha drive system that Haibike has started to integrate into their offerings in Europe. Here is a link to a well written comparison of Bosch to Yamaha. Please note that Yamaha has no definitive plans to bring the system to the US market at this time so...
  3. Larry Pizzi

    Availability update...

    For everyone that has been patiently awaiting the arrival of the first full production Haibikes with the all-new Bosch Gen2 Performance System, engineered exclusively to the North American standards, good news! Your wait is almost over. The very first containers of the 2015 Haibikes arrive into...
  4. Larry Pizzi

    What do you think of this compact eBike?

    Court wrote a review on it, I'm interested in your thoughts. Full review here:
  5. Larry Pizzi

    What do you think about eMountain Bikes?

    One of the many reasons that I believe eMountain Biking will be quite popular... "...the public image of mountain-biking has morphed into an extreme sport, all about young men throwing themselves off cliffs or down ravines. It's a frustrating misrepresentation, when for most of us, a...
  6. Larry Pizzi

    Are Americans savvy enough to discern the difference between high-tech and low-tech electric bikes?

    We have finally gotten to a place in time where the average selling price in North America are on par with electric bicycles sold on European market at an average of approximately $2500 retail. What is interesting however is that many bikes are very low-technology products, even some sold at...