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    Dash Commuting Report -- 1 year and 5,000+ miles(long post)

    You could consider this the long-term follow up to Yesterday marked one full year of commuting w/ the E3 Dash, so I figured I'd put up a summary of the last year. Some random stats: 5,114...
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    2016 changes
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    second battery

    I was hoping to go a bit longer before getting a second battery, but the original has dropped in it's charge capacity enough that I no longer have a consistent 10% buffer for my commute. I figure it's fully exhausted PAS1 range at the moment is around 25mi . The added drag of the winter tires I...
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    the switch to winter tires

    Swapped out tires last night for some winter tires. I perhaps could have waited a bit longer as we don't have consistent overnight freezing yet --maybe next week -- but I had to break these in anyway (20-25 mi of easy riding on pavement to bed the studs). These are schwalbe marathon winter...
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    replacement brake pads (DASH)

    For any of you that have gone through a set of brake pads already.... did you just get another set of B01S or did you find any better non OEM options?
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    shimano mid drive

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    double vision

    For several years I have been running w/ an Ixon IQ as my primary headlight for my various bikes. It is one of my favorite lights because of it's nice even beam pattern and sharp cutoff that doesn't blind other bikers. It runs on 4AA rechargeables and I usually go a full week on a set w/o...
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    check your clearance, clarence

    So I was checking tire clearance for eventual placement of winter tires (700x40c studded), and I noticed that the way the motor power cable is run along the chain stay leaves very little clearance: There's p-clip mount on the inside of the chain stay, which I think is a pretty dumb place to...
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    I'm realizing now that the 40 mile commute is not sustainable....

    I've averaged 2lb/week weight loss since starting to commute with the Dash every day. Luckily I had some biomass reserve when I started and am not in immediate danger, but I won't make it to next year without some changes. Wish me luck.
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    DASH Commuting Report - 1 Month & 600 miles (long post)

    Well, one month in, I'd figure I'd give my thoughts on the E3 Dash for those who are eying it as a commuter. For my very first impressions of the bike (what I thought when I was shopping around for bikes), see this thread...
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    Riese & Müller

    Any US importers for R&M ? They have some interesting Bosch-equipped bikes
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    Anyone using this for lights ?

    Saw comments in the thread about the city kit regarding lights. Is anyone using the connectors described here ((Link Removed - No Longer Exists)) to wire up lights. I've got a B&M Ixon IQ that would take that 6V feed, just wondering if anyone has given it a shot?
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    Dash vs the other bikes I tried

    An electric bike is about the only kind of bike I didn't have other than a recumbent, so before buying, I tried to get a ride on as many different ones as I could at four different dealers. Here's what I thought of the 'competition') First, my target usage is the following: - 40+ mile round...
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    New Dash, some problems (update: fixed after brake lever adjustment)

    I got a Dash last weekend for a 40mi round trip commute (one that I can do occasionally on my road bike, but can't really manage to do multiple times per week). The first two days were awesome (half my commute is clear pavement before I get to the city so the extra speed helps). The bike...