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    Hey there from BULLS eBIKES!

    hey @bob armani we're not sure on the Carbons yet. We have several people asking about them. We're working on the Chicago area as we'll be there in August for the Electric Bike Expo tour. Let us know if you have a favorite shops we should check out. If you can provide a link to some of the...
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    Hey there from BULLS eBIKES!

    Hey @Joe Pipes while Electric Avenue in Austin is our closest dealer to you, other eBIKE shops and even traditional shops may be willing to receive a bike you're interested in. We can typically arrange delivery of any bike as long as your local eBIKE dealer is open to it. They can either charge...
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    Dail-E Grinder

    We are expecting the Dail-E Grinder sometime in March 2017
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    Hey there from BULLS eBIKES!

    @Robie is right. Our first and closest dealer to Dallas is going to be Electric Ave. Austin. I know it's a hike, but the folks there are great and we can help coordinate to get the bike you want.
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    Hey there from BULLS eBIKES!

    Hi Everyone! I'm Adam, a member of team BULLS eBIKES. I'm loving hearing everyone's feedback, experiences and questions. Even if it's negative, it helps us improve. Feel free to tag me and hit me up for any questions about the bikes and locations. If you have requests for new locations, let me...
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    Bulls E-Stream EVO FS Enduro 27.5 Video Review

    @looker thanks for the feedback! @Texas Jim the levo is a beautiful bike. The main differences are that 1. the BULLS Enduro (and all BULLS eBIKES whether Brose, Bosch or Suntour) has a compact handle bar control for assist level and 2.the costs is far less on BULLS. Compare E-STREAM FS ENDURO...
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    Lacuba EVO E45

    Hey Ravi, check out my (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)on this bike. Had a chance to ride it in San Francisco over the Golden Gate and up Hawk Hill (900 ft climb) with my roadie buddies.
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    Bulls on parade!

    So glad to hear! Let us know how it's been going!
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    Local dealer support - how big of deal?

    Hey Aleks, At BULLS, we're growing steadily and feedback from you and others helps us know where to prioritize our efforts and look for new dealers. We do our best to choose dealers who will represent our products and provide excellent service. You have probably already checked our website for...