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    Anyone have a Rad Mini Step Thru in LA that I can test drive?

    Hi Everyone, I'm really interested in getting a Rad Mini Step Thru but the closest ones to test drive are prohibitively far from my house in the San Fernando Valley of LA. Are there any owners of a Mini Step Thru in the 818 that I could try? Thank you. Much appreciated, WMW
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    For Sale Pedego City Commuter 26" Loaded LOW MILES

    Hi Folks- I'm selling my 2017 Pedego 26" City Commuter in white. It only has 378 miles and the top-of-the-line 45v15ah battery has been charged less than 10 times in its entire life. Lots of extras - upgraded Schwalbe Marathon Mondial tires, Kryptonite Gravity WheelBoltz, Abus BORDO GRANIT...
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    Looking To Test Ride An e-Joe Gadis in the San Fernando Valley

    Hi. I'm very interested in this bike but the nearest dealer is 36 miles from my home in the suburbs of Los Angeles. If you own an e-Joe Gadis and live somewhat near the 818 and are willing to let me take the bike for a test ride I would gratefully appreciate it. Thanks!!!
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    How Important Is It For The Dealer To Be Close To Home?

    Hey Guys- I'm really close to buying my first e-bike but the only network of dealers close to my house is Pedego and I'm looking to spend closer to $2000 total. I'm wondering if it's a bad idea to buy a bike from a dealer that's nowhere near my house. Rad Power is in Seattle. The nearest e-Joe...
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    Hey I'm very interested in getting an e-Joe bike but where I live in Los Angeles there's no dealer even remotely close to my house. The nearest one is 36 miles away in Fullerton. Pretty far for a test drive and ridiculous if I ever needed service. According to the e-Joe website there's supposed...
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    Can't Decide Between Pedego City Commuter or Surface 604

    Hi everybody. I'm getting ready to purchase my first electric bike and this forum has been very helpful. Thanks for sharing so much information. I'm in Los Angeles and my daily commute is 9 miles each way, mostly flat and mostly city. I've tested the Pedego City Commuter and I liked it a lot...