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  1. Jan

    Izip E3 Sumo 2015 Large size. . . is size shrink down possible?

    I loved my Diamondback/Izip Overdrive Exec. I had the Rad Rover Fat Bike, but the hub drive was a drawback for me (great bike, just hated the hub). I had been "eyeing" the Sumo since it came out in 2015. Not a bad price (relatively speaking), but I still could not afford it. The 2016s came out...
  2. Jan

    Battery and chain throwing issues

    My Overdrive Exec is going strong with 2ooo miles.The battery no longer holds much of a charge and the same distance that used to take about 1/4 of the battery, now takes 100%. The dealer called Currie. They told me to ride the battery to depletion 4 times. I did. . . . it got worse. When I am...
  3. Jan

    Ready to purchase a Trail Tracker: Need Answers F A S T!

    I surf big waves. Unfortunately my knees are not what they used to be, so walking the half mile to my favorite break is getting problematic. I'm wondering if the Trail Tracker will be able to make it. The shore where the sand is wet has a steep decline, so the ride would be predominately done...