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  1. bazzapage

    Turbo Rosenberger plug

    Having now done >23,000km on my 2016 Turbo and removing the battery daily, the interface between battery and bike has become problematic. I've worked around it with a bit of aluminium foil to help the electrical interface, but expect I'll need a new connector. Anyone else had this issue?
  2. bazzapage

    Modding a Vado

    I had a question from an Australian reader asking what he'd need to do to make his Vado the same as a NZ-spec one, ie not limited to 25kph. In NZ they came out as 32kph/20mph limited and got changed to 45kph/28mph though a firmware update. He's not going to get anyone in Aus to do that as they...
  3. bazzapage

    Best tire for the wet

    I've crashed off my bike twice now in the wet, when the Schwalbe Marathon/Energizer tyres lost grip and the bike slid. My knees and elbows have asked to to please get different tyres! I want a tyre that has good wet weather grip (the original Turbo Elektrak tyres were actually quite good) but I...
  4. bazzapage

    Rear hub disc mount a bit wobbly

    The problem with the rear disc mounts on the legacy Turbo's is that the screws are a bit short, and can get wiggly over time ultimately stripping the threads. You can feel this as play in the system if you grip the rear brakes and rock the bike backwards and forwards. Q: Has anyone found a...
  5. bazzapage

    Turbo Como

    Had a quick look at the new Turbo Como 2.0 yesterday. Same drive etc as the Vado, but a relaxed 'cruiser' geometry, balloon tyres. Hopefully will get to ride one soon and will report. [update by Court] here's the webpage for it: and this one had...
  6. bazzapage

    Repacking a Turbo battery

    Has anyone ever actually repacked a Turbo battery?
  7. bazzapage

    Those Koolstop pads

    Hey @Douglas Ruby these are my front Koolstop pads after 6000km - I have a spare set for when these finally wear out and the wear surfaces are barely distinguishable from the new ones! So if anyone who is suffering with Formula brakes needs an incentive to switch, just do it. Note that if you...
  8. bazzapage

    Replacement front chainring

    I've done 7800km on my Turbo now and feel the need to do a cassette/chain replacement, and figure I should do the front chainring at the same time. Has anyone done a replacement -- and what with? I'm relatively happy with the gear ratios although might like something slightly taller than 48T if...
  9. bazzapage

    My 13 ebike hill climbing mega test

    I did a 'scientific' test of a whole range of bikes up hill. Which one was best? Will repeat with the Vado when one is available in around a month using the same 'scientific' test methodology. Hope you like it.
  10. bazzapage

    Some unusual accessories

    I just had to post this picture of a Turbo I saw on the street in Auckland New Zealand. Apologies if this is your bike, but I've never seen a beautiful bike so uglified - look at that saddle! You can't properly see the mess on the handlebars. I'm sure it's all very practical, but ... this should...
  11. bazzapage

    Differences between Turbo and Turbo S motor

    I'm currently running a loaner Turbo S (500W) wheel on my base Turbo so have some insights into the differences. Everything else is the same. Honestly, I wasn't expecting such a massive difference with the same electronics and battery. * Top speed is higher. Whereas I could make the base Turbo...
  12. bazzapage

    Crack in rear hub

    Just curious, has anyone experienced a crack in the rear hub? I doubt that it is a common issue. On the plus side, Spesh is being very good with customer service. This is why we are happy owners.
  13. bazzapage

    Broken spokes

    I've broken a few spokes now - I don't think I am especially hard on wheels at 80kg (175lb). When I look at the spokes (which all break at the same place) I can't help but think back on my undergraduate engineering days, learning about stresses and strains. The spokes used are think in gauge...
  14. bazzapage

    Turbo review

    Not quite as artistic as @James Kohls review, but I've posted mine on my review blog
  15. bazzapage

    Have you seen the new Scott ebikes from Eurobike

    Look exactly like the Specialized Vado. Brose motor too.
  16. bazzapage


    My Turbo gets a bit of a speedwobble on the front wheel at about 40km/h (25mph) if I am riding no hands or holding the bars close to the stem (aero!). It corrects quickly if I hold the bars on the grips or push forward on both hands. But it's annoying. Anyone else get this? Any remedies?
  17. bazzapage

    What tyres have you used as replacements

    Yes, in English speaking countries it is spelt 'tyre' ;-) I want to have a set of tyres ready for when mine wear out and don't know what to buy. For that matter, what sort of life are you getting from a set? Thinking along the lines of Schwalbe Marathon (Greenguard) because of their toughness...
  18. bazzapage

    Firmware changelog for base model Turbo

    I have just picked up my new Base model Turbo (model year 2015 - this is New Zealand and we are in the future). I noticed that the firmware level is '01'. Is there anything I am missing if I don't get the firmware updated? I can't find a changelog anywhere. AFAIK only Specialized NZ have the...