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    Lower back pain and bikes

    So i have a Raleigh Retroglide beach style cruiser and I like it a lot. I like the upright riding position. In order to get an even more upright position, I raised my bars and lowered my sit a little from where I was riding. Now my lower back hurts and it never did before. I also did this to my...
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    Changed Cassette, Not Happy

    Hi Everyone I have a Raleigh Retroglide with a 12 to 32 cassette.It tops out at 21 mph while pedaling as fast as I can. I had my bike shop put a 11 to 34 cassette to give me a little more top end. The problem is when I get to the motor cutout of 19 mph, I can't pedal it any faster. It feels...
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    Mini USB to I-Phone

    My raleigh retroglide has a charging port which is a mini USB and I'm having a hard time finding a cable that will work for my Iphone 8 plus. Any ideas? Mark