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  1. Jan Hermanson

    4000 miles - 6400 km on Turbo S

    For those few that still ride the good old Turbo's I thought I'd share my experiences with my 2016 Turbo S up 'til now. I bought the bike 1 yr and 11 months ago (important as you will find below) and live in Stockholm, Sweden. I am using my Turbo S as my commuter vehicle - 30 km total distance...
  2. Jan Hermanson

    Fender job on the Turbo S - an unorthodox approach

    For those that use your high speed pedelec in wet, snowy or muddy conditions and want to arrive at your destination dry and clean, you know that the Specialized fender pack to the Turbo S is not very forgiving. It looks great and slick but does not give much protection to the lower part of your...
  3. Jan Hermanson

    First 1000 km on my Turbo S – a review from Stockholm, Sweden

    This is a review of my experiences with, and adjustments made, on my Turbo S that was bought in late June 2016. After having laid down +10000 km on my previous e-bike, a de-regulated Scott esub sport 10, I started to notice squeaks and wear on gears and moving parts on the bike this spring...