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    Using Two Range Extenders on One Ride - best practice? Specialized Creo SL

    Hello all, I am planning a ride of 80 miles and 3,000 feet of climbing and plan to use a good amount of Sport mode due to the "need for speed." I have two range extenders to bring with me and one will of course be connected when I start. The other occupies the downtube water bottle cage until...
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    Specialized Creo (all models) - Longest Rides/Biggest Climbs

    Hello, I have a Creo SL carbon and am really enjoying the rides. I'm wondering how it is performing for others - what is your longest ride or biggest climb and did you use the range extender? Plus, avg speed and how many WH did you use? I'll start with my ride yesterday - gravel, 51 miles, 2300...
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    Creo - long climb range?

    Hello, new to this forum. Very interested in the Creo. I have several long steady climbs (5,000 feet @ 5-6%) that I do. Climb takes a couple of hours. Possible to do this on Turbo all the way? Do any of you have experience with long climbs on the Creo? I know rider weight impacts the equation -...