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  1. John Dombrowski

    BodyFloat / Specialized Turbo X - Seat Post Drilling for rear light wire

    But just tell them you have a turbo with the seat light and ask them to drill it first for you before they ship it. I asked and they did it for free. I even asked for a couple extra springs so I can mix and match and I got those too for nothing. Just ask and you shall receive.
  2. John Dombrowski

    A way to charge 2016 Turbo S without the light coming on?

    Oh come on now he isn't insulting anyone. He probably is just saying "what you do not understand is the app alone IS useless and have to use it over bluetooth".
  3. John Dombrowski

    Charging issue.

    That's the problem. That's the one that came with my Turbo S and I had them order the big finned one like the one that came with my wife's base Turbo. Problem solved. Still doesnt hit 100% every charge but at least it shuts off now when it's done and the lights on the bike go off like they are...
  4. John Dombrowski

    Turbo S tires...

    Great news. Will go order a couple for my wife's base Turbo.
  5. John Dombrowski

    what size rear derailleur

    Yeah the Specs on their website says the stock XT derailleur is an SGS which is a long cage but I found out from the bike shop that I can use a GS with the stock cassette so I will go with that in case I want to put on a smaller cog cassette later since I never use all the big cogs anyway.
  6. John Dombrowski

    what size rear derailleur

    So I am getting ready to upgrade to a Shimano XTR Di2 rear derailleur. I ride a Specialized Turbo S and don't know if I need a mid or long derailleur with my stock cassette and chain. I think the biggest ring on the back is a 48T? Any help on my decision? Thanks.....JD
  7. John Dombrowski

    Lost my magnetic charging plug cover

    What's funny is so many times after unplugging my charger I forgot to take the cover off the down tube and put it back on. Then after going on my next ride I came home and went to plug my charger back in and noticed the cover still sticking to the down tube and never fell off during my ride...
  8. John Dombrowski


    Where do you have the battery mounted? Can you take a picture of that please? I went ahead and ordered the XTR Di2 so I can keep my existing chain and cassette....for now.
  9. John Dombrowski


    Does this make sense or should I just go XTR derailleur and keep my stock cassette and chain to save money.
  10. John Dombrowski


    Well I rarely use anything below 7/8th gear so maybe the Ultegra setup would be better for me?
  11. John Dombrowski

    So I finally gave up on the Turbo S charger

    Believe me I want to but I gave too much invested now and they won't take this one back if I asked them too. But don't get me wrong, I have fun while riding it and it rides just fine, it's just all these little things that they just don't seem to want to fix.
  12. John Dombrowski

    @Douglas Ruby

    sent you a PM...
  13. John Dombrowski

    So I finally gave up on the Turbo S charger

    I had my LBS order me a new base Turbo charger and traded my S charger for it. At least this one shuts off when it's done and my bike lights don't flash on and off when it's done so I don't have to babysit the charging. It still only charges to 98% and resets the odometer on every charge but at...
  14. John Dombrowski

    Di2 derailleur

    what are the differences or advantages/disadvantages in using an Ultegra or XTR Di2 derailleur like the ST2s uses? I want to put a Di2 setup on my Specialized Turbo S and I don't know which one to put on.
  15. John Dombrowski


    I still don't understand. What is 10- fach/11-fach? Advantages/disadvantages?
  16. John Dombrowski


    What's the difference in putting on an Ultegra Di2 or an XTR Di2 derailleur like the new Stromer has?
  17. John Dombrowski

    No Specilaized reps on the forum?

    I think I asked this before but why are there no Specialized reps on the forum to chime in with all the issues going on? You would think a big company like this would monitor all the forums to listen to customers about all the problems they are having with their product. Especially at the price...
  18. John Dombrowski

    2016 Turbo X: First week (and beyond) commuting impressions

    This is my 3rd S since I bought my 1st one at the end of last year. This was the latest batch built and it came with the latest firmware which I believe is 5.14? But all 3 that I had kind of topped out at 27 mph and then I feel it bogs down a little. If they don't get all the bugs worked out of...
  19. John Dombrowski

    2016 Turbo X: First week (and beyond) commuting impressions

    I am running the latest firmware and my odometer resets on every charge. Just so stupid they can't fix this.