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  1. Jan Hermanson

    4000 miles - 6400 km on Turbo S

    I'd estimate that the battery degraded about 10% over the whole period before it started to malfunction. Difficult to estimate decrease in range as I switch to studded tires and severe temperatures in winter. Typically I have at least 25% decrease in range with the winter tires and sub-zero...
  2. Jan Hermanson

    4000 miles - 6400 km on Turbo S

    For those few that still ride the good old Turbo's I thought I'd share my experiences with my 2016 Turbo S up 'til now. I bought the bike 1 yr and 11 months ago (important as you will find below) and live in Stockholm, Sweden. I am using my Turbo S as my commuter vehicle - 30 km total distance...
  3. Jan Hermanson

    Repacking a Turbo battery

    John E o you have any pictures from the internals of the battery?
  4. Jan Hermanson

    Turbo (hub drive) metallic sound?

    It sounds like my Turbo S. More apparent when hub engine gets warmer (when pedaling hard for a while). Sounds like something gets in contact with the hub engine shell. Goes away momentarily when releasing pressure, but comes back again after pedaling hard. This sound is getting worse over time...
  5. Jan Hermanson

    Known Issues & Problems with Specialized Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    I have a relatively recent problem with a scraping (or slushing) sound coming from the engine. The scraping gets louder as temp goes up (after cycling at high speed for a while). It sounds like some part of the engine is touching the metal casing at each revolution so it is somewhat connected...
  6. Jan Hermanson

    Turbo Owners -- What's your total mileage? [OFFICIAL MILEAGE THREAD]

    @bazzapage impressive. Especially on the chain and cassette. I have changed both after less than 5000 km. Each year I find that the chain starts to slacken after half of the autumn term (I bike all year around with winter slush and salt at least 4 months/year) and if I don't replace it will...
  7. Jan Hermanson

    New Version of Mission Control for non-Vado - V1.1.2

    I'm logging all (most) trips using the mission control app connected to Strava. So far the only way to be sure I keep a reasonable track on the odometer. Also fun to see in Strava who I met on the morning ride. Installed the new version and did not notice any dramatic differences. Curious what...
  8. Jan Hermanson

    Repacking a Turbo battery

    would be interesting to know indeed. It would be equally interesting to know if someone has experienced any significant degradation such that repacking would be useful. Given that Specialized promises 700 full cycles (on the Turbo series) before recommended replacement I suspect few have...
  9. Jan Hermanson

    Turbo X 691 Battery Problem

    Dysan, unclear what is going on with your battery but I noticed that you have firmware 5.9 which is not the newest version. If you have a proper dealer upgrade the firmware perhaps this solves your error. I also noticed something else; your voltage is 20.0V which seems very low given that it...
  10. Jan Hermanson

    The new turbo Vado 2017

    Bengt, where are you located? Stockholm? Would be great to see your Vado IRL and hear about your experiences.
  11. Jan Hermanson

    Disable Turbo Levo display on downtube?

    Be a proud (and fair) ebiker. Don't try and hide it.
  12. Jan Hermanson

    Known Issues & Problems with Specialized Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    It appears that my fears were incorrect. Specialized seems committed to deliver batteries at least until 2021: Sounds worrying that your battery died. Where did you go to get it fixed? Specialized Concept Store...
  13. Jan Hermanson

    Known Issues & Problems with Specialized Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    One major concern is news that Specialized will not continue manufacturing batteries for the Turbo S series (691Wh). As Specialized has put all smartness into the battery (and it is a sealed box) it is not obvious that it can be rebuilt by a 3rd party, essentially rendering a completely useless...
  14. Jan Hermanson

    My 13 ebike hill climbing mega test

    Excellent review of the climbing capacity of a lot of interesting bikes. Just the kind of info one wants when making the painful decision on buying new which is not something you can read up on. I must admit I was both impressed and relieved by the performance of the Turbo S. Still a top notch...
  15. Jan Hermanson

    Thudbuster install 2013 S

    check this thread for some info on the wiring on Turbo S. The wiring to the lights have connectors that sits in the space next to the crank housing. There you can disconnect the seatpost wires and pull them out of the seatpost...
  16. Jan Hermanson

    Turbo Levo Tuning

    I does. But given that the cutout speed on the Turbo S is 45 kmph you get very little extra effect regardless of what wheel circumference you set beyond the minimum you already can set in the control mission app. The minimum in the mission control will take you above 50 kmph but you will also...
  17. Jan Hermanson

    Differences between Turbo and Turbo S motor

    Having insight only with the Turbo S/500W motor (which is just as good as you describe) I am still surprised to hear that you did not experience any resistance above 45 km/h. I do on my bike and would like to get rid of that if possible. On another note - if it feels a bit twitchy as you say...
  18. Jan Hermanson

    Fender job on the Turbo S - an unorthodox approach

    Custom made. I picked up a used 50 mm plastic back fender at Sigge sport in Vinsta (the guy charged me 50 sek). I had to cut away the original mounting as it did not match that of a front fender. I used the original Turbo v-stays and added an extra pair at the front end (one I had lying around)...
  19. Jan Hermanson

    Fender job on the Turbo S - an unorthodox approach

    I tried some SKS stock front fenders but they all require a bit of extension to achieve that extra cover over the front. I'm happy with my solution and I do not have to put on extra mudguards anywhere.