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    6.5 mile commute (including 2 mile dirt trail)

    My rook from surface604 has only front suspension, but built solid and has a beastly cargo rack.
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    Volton: Battery compartment with cover

    Glad I didn't buy it, got the surface604 rook instead!
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    It's done!

    Adorable!!!!! Great job!
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    Canadian Winter Ready Comfort Commuter - Research Stalemate

    They said they will reimburse me for shipping back the extra kit, and send the new skewer once the old is received. And I do eventually want to do a brief review video/picture post if I ever get this kit equipped lol. Process is just exhausting so far.
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    Canadian Winter Ready Comfort Commuter - Research Stalemate

    Got a tuneup in the hopes to add my new front skewer from Hexlox and do a proper review. Unfortunately the guys at the shop were concerned that the skewer bolt was too short. The nut grabbed only a couple of threads and while they said the wheel was holding and survived a test ride, they...
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    New Voltbike Yukon 750 spotted

    I didn't hunk Canadians were forbidden from having 750w, just using said vehicle without a license and off of legal roads?
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    Protecting My new bike from Theft

    I think it's five years?
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    Protecting My new bike from Theft

    I paid! A week of coffee money for a few years of caution.
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    Protecting My new bike from Theft

    I google about Kryptonite honouring the policy and found reimbursement value was in the hundreds of thousands per year.
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    Protecting My new bike from Theft

    I got my yellow on sale around Christmas, 20% off I think, and quickly registered so that the potential replacement plan would be active. I think it's important to note that while there is a high upfront cost, Kryptonite stands behind their product and will reimburse consumers for their...
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    New Voltbike Yukon 750 spotted

    There is the wattage the motors are designed to operate at, versus the peak. I looked into it while researching. Because the bike is designed to function at 500w and only higher under peak load, like my Rook, the bike can be ridden without being considered a moped or motorcycle. A bike rated...
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    Can't Decide Between Pedego City Commuter or Surface 604

    Torque sensor on the Rook can be a bit sensitive if you have stop and go commute. Be cautious at street corners! I own the rook, have about 150km on it as a 5'5" lady, and it's adjust ability, rack, lights and tires are great. I don't use the full range of gears, and would almost prefer fewer...
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    Night commuting

    Could you describe and how you used the lights? I'm intrigued by the led strip lighting on the bottom in particular.
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    Help me design an e-bike for urban commuting

    Security and safety are great to think about. I use a Kryptonite u lock, but wish the storage clamp was more secure. A bike frame with a built in mount would be awesome but more importantly I wish I had a rear wheel lock on my Surface604 Rook. Nobody makes one to accommodate wider fenders like...
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    Proviz Reflective Jackets - Have any experience?

    I found an alternative but similar brand. Bit less expensive too, cuter looking. (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) For 100 it has a nicer looker, more stealth day look and better looking fit. I checked out running room, but I'd want more function. Some of their jackets remind me more of rain...
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    Range: Fact vs. Fiction

    I have short commute, but got 80km (best guess based on the fact I've only ridden the past month or so with winter weather permitting) on my Surface Rook 604. If you can explain how to calculate the watt hours I can try to figure out the metric you've adopted :)
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    New full fenders

    Is there a rear fender for a 2.3" wide tire that doesn't wrap the tire forward past the seat stays? Still looking for an option that will let me use a frame lock on a fendered wheel :)
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    Canadian Winter Ready Comfort Commuter - Research Stalemate

    Heard back from Hexlox. Would not recommend their communication, order management or customer service to anyone. Apparently, someone in his office accidently sent the second kit and his response was two options for me. Please return it. Or Keep it and I'll give you a big discount. Now, I...
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    Turning 30 in 2018: ebike vacation ideas

    I like to relax on vacation but I like the idea of seeing the one and outs of a city by bike. I love food, especially seafood, and I want to limit myself to Canada or South America (even though Iceland intrigues me!) But I'm open to suggestions! I'm not a great flyer, but my bucket list includes...
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    Can't Decide Between Pedego City Commuter or Surface 604

    I bought a Rook, and I just hit 100km. I'm around 5'4" and find it comfortable. Bought it over the Rad City because I needed something 500w. I like it, I wanted the torque sensor and a step through. I have a short commute but appreciate the front fork and cushy saddle :)