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  1. Steven A Bean

    2016 RadRover Single Wall Rims???

    I was planning to go tubeless on my 2016 RadRover and was UNPLEASANTLY surprised when I removed the front wheel only to find out that the rim Is NOT a double walled rim as stated in the specs of the Rad Power Bikes web site. Any RadRover owners out there that know, please reply and let me...
  2. Steven A Bean

    Large Ortlieb Handlebar Bag

    Just installed a large Ortlieb Handlebar Bag using the Thorn Accessory Bar. Not much room on the RadRover bar and I didn't want to move things around or crowd too much on the handlebar, so gave the accessory bar a try. Just removed the three stock spacers on the stem and replaced them with the...
  3. Steven A Bean

    Thumb Throttle Attachment

    The thumb throttle attachment ordered on Amazon (from a seller in China) arrived yesterday, and I'm quite pleased with it. Size wise it fits well... the area where you place your thumb is the same width as the throttle, and the area that wraps around the throttle, although not as wide holds...
  4. Steven A Bean

    Radrover BCD

    Could someone post the BCD of the RadRover chainring? TIA
  5. Steven A Bean

    Suntour SP12 NCX 27.2mm Suspension Seatpost

    For those out there who may be interested in purchasing the Suntour SP12 NCX 27.2mm suspension seatpost I wanted to pass on a link to a French online company who has them at the moment for $87.94 (including express shipping and VAT) total. I haven't found them for under $100 anywhere else, and...
  6. Steven A Bean

    Clyte Cruise Control?

    Has anyone tried installing this cruise control unit on a RadRover? Thinking this may be a way to obtain infinite levels of pedal assist for those who aren't satisfied with the jumps between the current five levels.