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  1. James Kohls

    2021 Tern GSD bottom clearance (steps)

    Looking at buying a new Tern GSD, but am worried about lower clearance. I keep my bicycles inside and would need to regularly roll the bike over a set of 2 concrete steps. Given the small tires and length of the GSD, I am wondering if this would scrape the bottom of the motor or other...
  2. James Kohls

    Minnesota introduces 3-class eBike Definition proposal

    You can read the full proposed changes here: MN HF32
  3. James Kohls

    Apparently it needs to be said: Do not clean your eBike with gasoline!

    "Investigators say the fire was accidentally started when gasoline was used to clean an e-bike. Damage estimate is $60,000."
  4. James Kohls

    Seat Replacement - Turbo X w/SuperNova E3 Tail Light

    Wanted to change out the seat on my 2015 Turbo X, but wasn't sure what to do with the tail light. Figured out you can mount it to the seat rail mount provided with the rear reflector. The screw holes match up. I only have mine set with zip ties until I can find screws and nuts to mount it...
  5. James Kohls

    NYC #eBike Press Conference Oct 19, 2017
  6. James Kohls

    Chainstay Damage (Turbo Levo)

    As the Turbo Levo Fat bike is somewhat unique to the Levos in terms of frame size/shape, this may not affect other Levo riders as much. Hit a big bump on a trail ride this morning and the chain popped up onto the chainstay. Unfortunately, the rubber that is meant to protect it, peeled and held...
  7. James Kohls

    BOSCH Brings Anti-Lock Brakes to eBikes

    BOSCH Brings Anti-Lock Brakes to eBikes
  8. James Kohls

    If Batman had a Cargo eBike

    Seen at the International Cargo Bike Festival in Nijmegen, Netherlands
  9. James Kohls

    Testing a loaner Turbo Levo HT

    Thankfully, I have a really great Specialized dealer a block and a half from my house. They contacted their Specialized rep and got me a Levo HT to borrow for a few days while I make my final decisions about buying the Turbo Levo Comp Fat. I took it out for an hour tonight on some local...
  10. James Kohls

    Dero offers e-Bike fleet to employees and pays them extra to commute by bike.

    If you've ever locked your bike up, chances are you've locked it to a Dero bike rack.
  11. James Kohls

    Google Self-Driving Bicycle

    Happy April Fools Day
  12. James Kohls

    Outdoor advocacy group moves to block e-bikes in New Zealand national park

    An outdoor advocacy group is protesting outdoor trails designed for electric bikes that could be set for New Zealand’s Tongariro National Park.
  13. James Kohls

    Another NYC Crackdown - 247 bikes seized in 24hrs

    Police in Manhattan confiscated 247 illegal motorized bicycles in the borough on Wednesday during a targeted safety blitz.
  14. James Kohls

    Ellen shows of her riding skills on a Haibike

    Ellen giving e-bikes some love.
  15. James Kohls

    Limited Edition: Troy Lee Designs Turbo Levo FSR Expert

    Announced yesterday on Specialized's FaceBook Page: Limited Edition Troy Lee Designs Turbo Levo FSR Expert The bike appears on Specialized's US page under Turbo FSR bikes, but clicking on the image goes to a 404 not found page...
  16. James Kohls

    Turbo levo HT Comp Fat Bike Review [External]

    Have been struggling to find reviews of Specialized's Levo HT Comp Fat Bike. Thought I would post this review I found in case others are interested: Introduction: Full Review...
  17. James Kohls

    Winter Biking Advice From A Minnesotan

    I think many consider riding your bike in a frozen winter setting more akin to ice skating than cycling. Here is all of my knowledge and wisdom passed on to you. I am a 43 year old Minnesota native with 5 winter seasons of biking experience. Advice Lesson #1: Don’t get into winter biking if...
  18. James Kohls

    Ortlieb Panniers 25% off at REI

    UPDATED BELOW: For those looking for some high quality panniers, REI has their entire stock of Ortlieb on sale for 25% off. I just picked up a pair of Back-Roller Classics for $134.99. That's...
  19. James Kohls

    Bad Experience Changing Out Rotor

    So I dinged up one of my rotors causing it to rub. I tried to true it, but figured this is a good time to upgrade from the Formula rotor. So, I bought a replacement. All I checked was 180mm and 6-bolt design. Big mistake #1 (oh yes, there's more)! For starters, the bolts holding my old rotor...
  20. James Kohls

    Q: Has owning an e-bike changed your car driving habits?

    As I've said in several other posts, I bought my e-bike for transportation, not health, fitness, etc. I bought it because my car is now 17 years old. It still runs just fine, but I feel it is not long for this earth. My hopes are to avoid replacing it when it does die and at the very least, use...