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  1. Va. Bch. Electric Bike Center

    What's under your Christmas tree?

    Who got an ebike for Christmas and what kind? Show a pic.
  2. Va. Bch. Electric Bike Center

    Shift detection alert

    Pedego's new mid-drive City Commuter has shift detection. The electronic sensor is mounted on the chain stay and detects shift cable pretty good. Other interesting specs: 48v 10ah or 15ah 500w Dapu mid-drive 5-level assist AND throttle
  3. Va. Bch. Electric Bike Center

    More range for the 2017 Ridge Rider and Trail Tracker

    Both ebikes are now getting 48v/14ah batteries instead of the 11ah version of last year. We were really impressed with range on the older battery...35-ish on mostly level ground, aggressive pedal assist riding but lots of sand. Look forward to testing the new 14ah.
  4. Va. Bch. Electric Bike Center

    Ride thoughts on new Trail Tracker

    Was able to perform a little more in-depth trail testing yesterday on the newly redesigned Trail Tracker fatty by Pedego. The improved weight distribution and balance of the new down tube battery really showed when negotiating more technical portions of the trail. Loved launching it over roots...