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  1. Steven A Bean

    2016 RadRover Single Wall Rims???

    I was planning to go tubeless on my 2016 RadRover and was UNPLEASANTLY surprised when I removed the front wheel only to find out that the rim Is NOT a double walled rim as stated in the specs of the Rad Power Bikes web site. Any RadRover owners out there that know, please reply and let me...
  2. Steven A Bean

    Radrover speed wobble

    @walawn, I was wondering if you could tell me if the steerer tube on the front fork from Luna was any longer (taller) than the one that comes with the RadRover? I'm managing alright with the height of the stock one but would prefer a little more height for a more comfortable riding position. Thanks!
  3. Steven A Bean

    Radrover fenders

    You can't use the head tube attachment to mount the Bug Buck front fender since the RadRover has a suspension fork. Instead you use the hole that's drilled in the metal just behind the plastic front part of the fender to mount it where the RadRover light goes. Actually, you have to drill a...
  4. Steven A Bean

    Large Ortlieb Handlebar Bag

    @Scottv, they (the bike shop) didn't say. I'll check with them next time I'm in just to verify. Whatever it was they were comfortable in saying it was safe, but I'll double check. Ortlieb makes great gear. I use two of their large panniers on the rear rack to carry food and gear to work, and...
  5. Steven A Bean

    Large Ortlieb Handlebar Bag

    Just installed a large Ortlieb Handlebar Bag using the Thorn Accessory Bar. Not much room on the RadRover bar and I didn't want to move things around or crowd too much on the handlebar, so gave the accessory bar a try. Just removed the three stock spacers on the stem and replaced them with the...
  6. Steven A Bean

    Suntour SP12 NCX 27.2mm Suspension Seatpost

    Haha, you may be right. Seems to work just fine the way I installed it. I'll investigate. Flipped the post around and it's definitely more springy that way.... Hopefully not too springy. Will ride on it tomorrow and see which feels best. Going to delete the pics post so no one else installs it...
  7. Steven A Bean

    Suntour SP12 NCX 27.2mm Suspension Seatpost

    @mrgold35, I was able to find the Suntour dust covers on a German website for $3.30 apiece, so even with the shipping cost it came out to $32.25 for 3 covers. For anyone interested they were purchased here...
  8. Steven A Bean

    Suntour SP12 NCX 27.2mm Suspension Seatpost

    Seatpost update- The Suntour SP12 NCX arrived last week and all I can say is that that in my opinion there is a very noticeable improvement in ride comfort over the original standard seatpost. I have arthritis in one hip so I may be more sensitive than others in being able to perceive...
  9. Steven A Bean

    Thumb Throttle Attachment

    The thumb throttle attachment ordered on Amazon (from a seller in China) arrived yesterday, and I'm quite pleased with it. Size wise it fits well... the area where you place your thumb is the same width as the throttle, and the area that wraps around the throttle, although not as wide holds...
  10. Steven A Bean

    New Tires/Summer Tread

    Still deciding what road tires to get. Would you mind posting a side and front view pic of the Hookworms on your bike? And what PSI are you running on them? Thanks!
  11. Steven A Bean

    Help with squeak or chirp on front disk brake.

    Just got my RadRover this week and the local bike shop said that the chirping on my front brakes was due to some of the disk bolts not being sufficiently tight and causing some rubbing of the disk with the pads.
  12. Steven A Bean

    Radrover BCD

    Could someone post the BCD of the RadRover chainring? TIA
  13. Steven A Bean

    Changes to my RadRover

    Found it on Amazon Cheers!
  14. Steven A Bean

    Changes to my RadRover

    Mike, thanks for the info. My work commute is on a flat beach road (10 miles, with very few lights) so I ordered the Go Cruise to try it out. If that isn't suitable there's a electronic cruise control that I'm looking into. I also ordered a thumb lever for the throttle (see pic) to test out on...
  15. Steven A Bean

    Clyte Cruise Control?

    Once my RadRover arrives (expected in a week or less) I'll take it down to the local ebike stores in my area and see if they think it's compatible with the RadRover and they are interested in installing it (I'm not comfortable doing it myself, at least not if I can get an ebike technician to do...
  16. Steven A Bean

    Suntour SP12 NCX 27.2mm Suspension Seatpost

    For those out there who may be interested in purchasing the Suntour SP12 NCX 27.2mm suspension seatpost I wanted to pass on a link to a French online company who has them at the moment for $87.94 (including express shipping and VAT) total. I haven't found them for under $100 anywhere else, and...
  17. Steven A Bean

    South Florida Professional Beach Bum.

    South Florida Professional Beach Bum.
  18. Steven A Bean

    radmini pas vs radrover

    Hi Wane, could you possibly post or send me a link to where you picked up your 52v dolphin battery? Thanks.
  19. Steven A Bean

    Changes to my RadRover

    Hi Mike, great set up! How are you liking the Go Cruise? Is it manageable to set while riding considering there is such a small throttle width? And does it hold over time or does it slip a bit and slow down over time as you ride?
  20. Steven A Bean

    Is this copy or the same bike?

    Yes, a cheap (parts wise) knock off at the same price and with no warantee. I suppose they'll still sell a few.