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    Error code 1

    Anybody have experience with this error code. Got SOAKED this morning and now its throwing this code. TIA!
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    Evo Jet: Bar and seatpost size?

    Anybody know the diameters of the handle bars and seat post on the Evo Jet? Thinking of adding some aero bars and a suspension seat and I can't seem to find my calipers!
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    Repair kit

    I have a '15 Evo Jet that I use for daily commuting. Is there anything special to consider as far as a repair kit is considered? Will standard bicycle kits work fine or so I need to consider heavier duty components? Especially concerned about tubes and tube patches. Tires? TIA.
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    Adding a trailer

    I have a '15 Evo Jet with the quick release rear hub. I was looking to mount my kids bike trailer to it but the rear hub bolt is thicker than a normal bike so I drilled out the mount hole on the trailer to fit. After doing that I found that the bottom of the caliper mount/hub mount has a couple...