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    Error code 1

    Anybody have experience with this error code. Got SOAKED this morning and now its throwing this code. TIA!
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    Evo Jet: Bar and seatpost size?

    Anybody know the diameters of the handle bars and seat post on the Evo Jet? Thinking of adding some aero bars and a suspension seat and I can't seem to find my calipers!
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    Repair kit

    I had not even considered the brakes becoming an issue, thanks for the heads up! I think I'll practice taking off the wheels a couple times. Nothing sucks more than being in a rush to get where you're going AND not being completely sure of what you're doing.
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    Repair kit

    Great, thanks so much!
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    Repair kit

    I have a '15 Evo Jet that I use for daily commuting. Is there anything special to consider as far as a repair kit is considered? Will standard bicycle kits work fine or so I need to consider heavier duty components? Especially concerned about tubes and tube patches. Tires? TIA.
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    So how old is that "Banana"

    I have some limited research work with Lithium Ion cells. I worked at a small R&D company with some of my university professors making different cathode laminates and then assembling them with lithium anodes to make the cells. We were trying to make Li ion batteries last longer like in hybrid...
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    Adding a trailer

    I have a '15 Evo Jet with the quick release rear hub. I was looking to mount my kids bike trailer to it but the rear hub bolt is thicker than a normal bike so I drilled out the mount hole on the trailer to fit. After doing that I found that the bottom of the caliper mount/hub mount has a couple...