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  1. jazz

    Anyone replaced the Rip Current controller/display to higher amp one?

    I have a 52v ripcurrent with the stock 20amp controller. Do you know of a replacement controller & display that supports 25 or 30 amps?
  2. jazz

    Aspen/Aspen+ Owners Recommend it?

    I am looking at the Aspen+ and curious from other what they think of it, overall build quality, how fast can you go? battery life? Thanks
  3. jazz

    SHOW US your ebikes next to MURALS

    Here are a couple of my ebikes next to some graffiti walls!
  4. jazz

    Shout out to BH Support on getting me replacement battery fast!

    BH has great support! Shout out to Denis with Bh. My battery was not holding a charge well and still within the 2 year warranty only by a few months. I contacted Denis, explained the issue and he promptly sent me out a replacement delivered in about a week. This is why good warranties and...
  5. jazz

    New Special Edition Sondors Fold X and Fat X - Limited to 100 The Fold X special edition link is hidden. Ineresting, but no prices as of yet. It looks like Sondors is trying to catch up the the Biktrix, Juiced, M2S, Teo and Voltbikes of the world while one uping the Rad Rovers and the old Sondors ebikes!
  6. jazz

    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    This is around in the Pacific Northwest, Washington State
  7. jazz

    New Review of Rip Current
  8. jazz

    New Juiced Ripcurrent S Fat eBike $1699 (starting) Pre-Order for Feb 2018 Delivery -750 Bafang rear hub -48v & 52v Battery options (13ah to 21) -4" Tires -Air Suspension -Built-in GPS (with 52v battery pack) -Headlight, rear light Looks like a pretty...
  9. jazz

    Where is the serial number located?

    Where is the serial number located? Thanks
  10. jazz

    Got a New Evo Snow 29er 48v

    Extremely Excellent deal - 2WD, 48v beauty to add to my collection. Now up to 6 ebikes. First changes - get a suspension post, new seat, fenders
  11. jazz

    What's the latest with Biktrix?

    Just wondering what has been going on. I was checking out the MonteCapro, looks like a real cool ebike. Any chance this one gonna be back in stock?
  12. jazz

    Polaris No Longer Make eBikes

    Looks like Polaris is out of the ebike game. There website now has limited information with just a landing page and contact page. The official Polaris ebike FaceBook page is now gone. They haven't updated their bike models for 2 years. I wouldn't buy one at this point as it will be tough to...
  13. jazz

    NEW: Radwagon just released Welcome the RadWagon™ electric cargo bike by Rad Power Bikes! The RadWagon's powerful 750 watt 48 volt power system makes transporting groceries, extra people, and large loads effortless and convenient. The RadWagon™ will be available to purchase on...
  14. jazz

    What kind of Battery Range you getting?

    I know there are many variables in regards to battery range but I just want to get an idea on battery range you been getting on your radrover. Thanks
  15. jazz

    Ford's New All Terrain eBike

    Ford unveils its all-terrain electric bike: Folding MoDe:Flex has sat-nav, collision sensors and adapts to roads and mountains Prototype bike was unveiled at Further with Ford conference in Palo Alto Its battery, motor and wheels can be configured for different terrains MoDe:Flex joins MoDe:Me...
  16. jazz

    Props to Polaris

    I want to give props to Mike at Evantage/Polaris! Recently, my charger quit working. It was not under warranty any longer. I contacted Mike from Polaris and he sent me a new one. Didn't cost me anything. I just got it in the mail yesterday. That is excellent service!
  17. jazz

    Got a vector

    I am pretty new to ebikes. In fact, I got the ebike bug a couple months ago and it really became an obsession. I am currently building my own eBike (slow going because I have been so busy lately) with an older Specialized bike. I plan on a 1000w motor and 48v Li on battery. Recently, I had...
  18. jazz


    I just picked up a used Vector for a good price. It only had 200 total miles on it. I was aware of the 20mph limit on it but could not pass up a good deal. It is a solid bike, built well and handles great. I would like to add fenders, good head and tail lights. Any other Vector owners have...
  19. jazz

    eBike Lock recommendations?

    What are some good, secure, affordable eBike locks out there? Thanks! This one gets good marks on Amazon: