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  1. WilliamT

    Not riding again until I install mirrors

    I used to use a mirror like the ones posted here but it just didn't give me the coverage that I wanted especially when riding in DC during rush hour traffic. I switched over to an automotive rearview camera that fed off my battery, but it didn't work that well at night. Now I use a radar...
  2. WilliamT

    Average Cruising Speed on your e-bike

    My commute is 18 miles one way and with my dual motor setup (front geared hub and rear direct drive), I average 18-19 mph in eco mode. I carry a lot of gear on my electric cargo so sometimes I'm running it at 210 watts on the flats, other times at 400 watts when I'm climbing steep hills. It...
  3. WilliamT

    Possible Donor Bike to DIY - Single speed, is it good?

    I would keep looking. Drum brakes don't work that well and require a lot more effort than even V-brakes.
  4. WilliamT

    sometimes bikes are weird.

    Most kickstand just don't do a good job holding up a bike. I gust of wind and my bike fell on its side bending my disc brakes. Now I use a heavy duty double leg kickstand that is strong enough to hold the bike with all its gear comfortably.
  5. WilliamT

    Bike to Work Day

    Hope you see you guys tomorrow for Bike to Work Day 2021. I'll be at Gateway Park in Rosslyn VA I'll be on my Radwagon
  6. WilliamT

    Do you use more than one battery on your rides?

    I also ride with 2 batteries on my Radwagon, one to control each motor. The front geared motor was to give me the climbing ability that my rear direct drive couldn't do. The front motor uses a 17 ah battery (884 watts), and the rear uses a 28 ah battery (1456 watts). I've gone 125 miles with...
  7. WilliamT

    Continental eRuban Plus Tires

    I would buy them but I can't find any places that have them.
  8. WilliamT

    How can I carry an extra battery that is 15.6 in. Long?

    I use a cargo trailer to carry extra batteries. It prevents my bike from getting too rear heavy and I can carry food and water.
  9. WilliamT

    Help me upgrade my radwagon

    For me, the kit came with 3 different PAS options. One was a small ring that has an inner ring that holds the square axle on the bottom bracket. You push the unit over the axle and the inner ring moves with the square axle. The outer unit stays in place while the inner ring moves with your...
  10. WilliamT

    New activities taken up during COVID-19

    I have a smart trainer that I purchased a little over a months ago and hooked it up to my screen projector. I've been riding on various roads in BigRingVR. I do about a hour each day and have put about 260 miles on the trainer so far. This one is Alpe d'Huez in France...
  11. WilliamT

    Bike trailer questions

    I picked up the Coho XC just for fun. One thing I noticed is that the way the attachment is made, you can't use it with a bicycle that has a rear rack made for disc brakes. I have an Ibera rack. Maybe a Topeak will work better. The rack protrudes out and blocks the space you need to drop the...
  12. WilliamT

    [SOLVED] Bafang BBS02 : crackling noise when pedaling : any idea why ?

    I've had similar crackling noises on my BBSHD when pedaling. I was able to track it down to the motor pressing against the bottom bracket (chain side) causing the noise as the frame flexed. I just sprayed from WD40 between the motor and the bottom bracket and the problem went away.
  13. WilliamT

    Help Me Secure My Bike?

    Most locks can be easily broken especially if bar extends out from the U-lock
  14. WilliamT

    Problem: How to setup 2 stage brake light

    So far, I see e-scooters have a 3 wire setup for their brakes but I'm not sure if that will work with bikes.
  15. WilliamT

    Problem: How to setup 2 stage brake light

    I purchased a brake light that has 3 wires; red, yellow, black. To test it, I used a 9v battery. When I run current through the red and black, I get the usual light when riding. When using yellow and black, the light is brighter. I'm assuming that's when you applied the brake. The...
  16. WilliamT

    Can I DIY my bike into an ebike if I have never DIY'd anything before?

    None of these kits require any soldering. This bike tool kit has everything you need to put together any kit out there. I have one just like it and, its help me but together hub kits and mid-drive kits.
  17. WilliamT

    Pedal assist on Bafang BBS01 - 02, is it real pedal assist?

    It sounds like that system was mainly designed for throttle only and the PAS was an after thought. It's probably programmed to run 100% of the power until each level's speed is reached. My experience with RAD is that each level runs at a fixed percentage of the total battery watts. As you get...
  18. WilliamT

    Wanted: Lightweight (less than 20kg), high Torque (90NM), Motor offering large amount of power 500w+, removable large battery

    I think Grandma Joan rode a Vado when she beat Sagan up that steep hill. All jokes aside, what they claim at 250 watts is probably close to 2-3x that power.
  19. WilliamT

    Smart Bike trainer

    I've notice that I ride much slower in the app than in real life too. I'll have to figure out how to change the resistance. thanks!
  20. WilliamT

    Smart Bike trainer

    I remember the last time I used a bike trainer was over 30 years ago. It had a little flywheel on the back with the rear wheel sitting on a cylinder while you clamped the front forks to the trainer frame. I don't ride as much as I used to; may a century ride every few weeks over the weekend...