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    Want to Buy a Large Frame Direct From China?

    I have a ride1up 700. The frame only comes in one size (big medium). It's to small so I have a longer stem and my seat all the way back. Their are other companys with the same frame that's branded to their company, that has Medium and a Large, so I know they make them. I would like to buy a...
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    2,500 (2,650) mile review 700

    I did a review when I first got my bike, then a thousand mile review and thought I'd update since I passed the 2,500 mile stage. The Ride1up 700 has performed flawless. After 2,500 miles no problems at all except a couple spokes broken. I noticed the new spokes I replace are softer. The stock...
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    Need information on what spokes are on our 700 bikes please

    I was going for a ride yesterday and did a quick pre-check on everything and found a broken spoke in the back. Support lists “12 gauge, stainless steel spokes.” When I look on the Internet, most sites have between 6 and 15 different types of spokes. Single butted, double butted, triple butted...
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    Looking for a Luna copy off brand 48v charger

    I have a ride1up 700. This six hour 2M charger is ridiculous. I really like the 3A, 48v (54.6) Vruzend. Has a fan and everything for $34.99. I see Luna 48v, 3A mini charger has a 80%, 90%, 100% knob. I’ve heard bad reports with problems with Luna so I was wondering if there is anything like...
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    I would like to know others throttle response?

    I have a feeling that with this problem there is nothing wrong. I think our throttle is not meant to be perfect, exactly consistent all the way through. I wanted to ask other owners to compare how mine is. The first half of my throttle doesn’t do anything. I will explain it like this. Imagine...
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    My amps were set at 18 Ride1up suggest 11

    Can someone explain amps setting to me? My bike came with defaults that were much different then ride1up shows (manual says one thing, the company says another, and mine was different from both of them). My bike came with the stock amps set at 18 A. Ride1up suggest 11Amps. I think the video was...
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    Can someone help me with the voltage is please?

    I went out for a ride today with my rad bike friend. Earlier I was looking through my display and found my voltages were like 28, 30, 32, 34, 36. I remember Kevin giving us an example of voltages. It was like 42, 44, 46, 48, 50. I put mine like that and went for the ride with my friend. This...
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    First impressions of first ride today

    I got my bike today. Took it over to my friends shop to put it together. We had everything together except the front fender and we ran out of time so I just took it down the street and back to see how it is. Couple hours later when I get back I’ll describe it is unbelievable. This thing rides...
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    Best Places To Buy Ebike Parts and Accessories

    Years a go I found a place on the internet that sells car parts at about wholesale prices. Super good selections, good service and quality pats, cheap ( Is there a place that would be the rockauto of ebikes? Thank you, Roger accessories
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    Max Programable Speed Not As High As Claimed?

    As I'm waiting for my 700 to arrive, been looking at the manual online to learn about it before I get it. Under "Speed setting" it says, "Speed limit range is 12Km/h to 40Km/h." 40Km/h is 24.8mph." Ride1up advertises 28mph. Not only that, it comes at a "Default Value" at 25Km/h. That is...
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    Best, easiest,cheapest way to get rid of regen on a Radcity 4

    Almost ready to get the radcity 4. Have had my heart set on radbike for a year, but the city has regen. I saw on videos where the wheel has a lot of drag when coasting. It may not matter to others, but for me that's ridiculous. If I made a bike and someone wanted to make it so when you...