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    Pinhead locking skewers, etc for Evo Cross? Better alternative?

    I've been thinking of putting these on my Evo Cross. I'm not expecting iron clad security, just something good enough (combined with a Kryptonite u-lock) in a not-high crime area while shopping or going to a restaurant. Anybody know which of these (locking skewers, headset lock, seat lock)...
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    Cat-Ears Wind Noise Reduction

    Perhaps I'm particularly sensitive to noise, but I find that wind noise when traveling over 20Mph on a bike very distracting, and mildly stressful when sustained for the duration of my commute. I think these noise levels may even be detrimental to my hearing, since I'm on the bike over 6 hours...
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    replacement tires for Evo Cross

    I have 1500 miles on my Evo Cross, and have had a rash of pinch flats lately on the rear, despite being diligent about tire pressure. 1500 miles doesn't seem like much, but my commute is mostly on bike paths, and includes traversing 20 underpasses a day, over a 22 mile roundtrip. The pavement...
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    Lighting harness for Evo line?

    The days are getting shorter, and I'll be commuting in the dark soon. A while back I asked my dealer about getting a lighting wiring harness for Evo Cross to connect to the Evo battery, and was told it was not available for the Evo Cross at that time. Anybody here obtained a harness for their...
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    battery life: better to not fully charge?

    I know that keeping batteries stored long-term at full charge is not good for battery life. I've seen recommendations that, for long-term storage, battery charge should be maintained around 50-80%, as storage at full charge puts some kind of strain on the batteries. This got me to thinking...
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    California Riders: Please support AB-1096

    Bill : Contact your senator: Current Status: Passed State Assembly, currently under consideration by the State Senate Gist (quoted from discussion at endless-sphere):
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    Charge battery @ >50% twice a day, or @ <5% once a day?

    I just got a new Evo Cross for my 24mi round-trip commute. I'm expecting to do this commute 5x a week, and hope to get at least three years service out of the battery. Riding somewhat hard at 70% assist (2nd highest assist mode) gets me to work in about 40m without too much sweat. Due to a...
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    torque specification?

    I want to adjust the torque sensor on my new Easy Motion Evo Cross to hopefully correct some issues I'm seeing with the lower assist modes (I know, the shop I bought it from would do it, but they're closed right now and I want to learn). I'm looking at a BH document that specifies torque levels...
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    Another Evo Cross arrival - purchase and 1st ride impressions

    I picked up my new Evo Cross last night, and today took it on a 25mi ride to evaluate one of the commute routes I've been obsessing over lately. Following are some impressions, findings, and minor concerns (short version - I love this beautiful bike!): I'm 5'10 with 31.5 inseam. I agonized...
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    Battery replacement years from now ...

    Noob here. Because I'm hoping to use my future Evo (Jet or Cross) on a daily 24m commute for years to come, I expect I will have to replace the battery periodically (2-3 years?). The BH battery cases are designed to blend into the frames, so how long might BH manufacture batteries for a given...
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    Electronic issues with latest models?

    I was at a local bike shop yesterday, and was informed that they temporarily could not get the latest Evo models due to some sort of glitching during hill climbs that they are waiting for BH to address. Anybody heard anything about this?
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    Effect of rider weight on range and climb ability?

    How significantly does rider weight impact an electric bike's range and ability to climb? As background, I am considering buying Easy Motion's Evo City Wave or Evo Jet. The Jet is 5.5 lbs lighter, but has a significantly better range (Jet is 35-55mi vs. City's 20-45mi), which is surprising...
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    Bosch City Wave?

    Noob here very intrigued with the Easy Motion Bosch City Wave after reading Court's review, but I am not finding much else on this bike on the web. Anybody here have any opinions on this bike?