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    E-bike ignites dumpster fire.

    Our metro bus transit has bike racks which I use from time to time to deal with 10 miles of heavy head winds. Last week a "supervisor" almost had me remove bike. Said the electric bikes' batteries blow up. Funny how they spent several million on some new electric buses which have 60% of...
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    Driving bike thru fast food drive up during quarantine era

    I visit LB store yesterday and they are crazy busy, have a lot of no touch rules and service bikes not ridden in years. Nice selection of e-bikes. Last 4 weeks I ride more and since we must stay at home, using bike paths to move makes sense. Today I hit Taco bell and no greeting at the...
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    Hyper-bike Walmart online

    Took delivery of Hyperbike $598.00 last August. Rear hub power and attractive way they built in the battery pack. 700c I do 5000 miles a year for exercise and errands. I purchased it for days when my routes have highwinds and 5+ miles upwind. 50 pounds. Top speed around 17 mph. It came...