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  1. EbikeR2

    New Ohm lineup.

    Demo mode, won't be out until later this year. Bionx battery is more streamlined, fitting in with frame, but don't think range/power has changed, just the look. Also the controller has new look.
  2. EbikeR2

    Strange sound under load gone with new update!

    I was having this strange cogging sound when bike was under load. Contacted Bionx and they said to get bike hooked up to computer to get update on firmware. Took it in to local ebike shop, got fireware updated and it rides better than when I bought it. Unreal. Took 1 min and now zero sound...
  3. EbikeR2

    New Turbo staying cool in Morro Bay

    Specialized should pay you for these pxs! Gorgeous! How are the Energizer for flat tires vs Marathon?
  4. EbikeR2

    My new 2016 Turbo base model

    are those sexy white pedals stock or you add them? Thanks so much for all the details on the bike/adds
  5. EbikeR2

    My new 2016 Turbo base model

    Ok, you have some serious photography skills! What a beauty! wow wow.
  6. EbikeR2

    Daymak Comes out with 40 mph E-bike

    Don't see the bike part -- isn't that like a scooter? No pedaling that I could see.
  7. EbikeR2

    2016 Updates from BionX at Interbike

    Love the new display panel -- looking forward to upgrading that on my 2015 OHM. Hopefully next year?
  8. EbikeR2

    Where are all the goodies from Interbike?

    Thanks much! Looking forward to it
  9. EbikeR2

    Where are all the goodies from Interbike?

    Been waiting to hear about new stuff now for weeks -- but unless I am missing some thread it's been silent here... it started today, right?
  10. EbikeR2

    2015 D500 Vibration

    Think the problem was with the installation -- BionX has been around for a long time and has literally thousands of happy customers (including me) -- if you're going to be angry, be angry at the people who installed the kit for you. It's not easy to do and you want to go somewhere experienced...
  11. EbikeR2

    Suntour NCX

    Fantastic prices on that site -- thanks -- I've been dinged on the customs at border special fee so always hesitant for out of country purchases. Good to know.
  12. EbikeR2

    Main stream attention

    wow a kickstartr campaign that actually shipped on time. Looks cheap, but step in right direction.
  13. EbikeR2

    Suntour NCX

    Ok, that's good to know they minus the VAT, I didn't know that. And Canada customs didn't charge you anything?
  14. EbikeR2

    Main stream attention

    Great article! Can't help but like the guy -- speaks straight up.
  15. EbikeR2

    Main stream attention

    Don't know anything about the bike but always happy to see ebike news in mainstream bicycle magazines/sites Order from Amazon... hmmm
  16. EbikeR2

    Bent derailleur bracket

    lol, misery loves company huh? Thanks dude...
  17. EbikeR2

    Bent derailleur bracket

    My son accidentally tipped over my OHM 700-XU 15 and the derailleur bracket bent (it works but there is no 'stop' for the last gear, it just falls off the chain). The first dent in my new baby -- alas, not even 2 months old! Worst part is bike shop won't have it ready for 5 days...
  18. EbikeR2

    Bionx new controller

    New display, controller and semi integrated battery coming ... I guess it was on display at Eurobike? Anyone there to take a look?
  19. EbikeR2

    Very cool if it actually works Too good to be true? Engineers and mechanics chime in...
  20. EbikeR2

    In the pipeline?

    Ha! Nicely done dude, nicely done!