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    Help: How many links in the chain on my Haibike trekking 6.0 with 10speed cassette and dual chain rings

    I can't find this information anywhere. I tried counting the links but can't do it w/ the chain on the bike.. Specs show it takes the KMC X10e chain but nowhere does it say how many links... There are options for 122 links and 136 links.. I'm guessing it would be the longer of the two due to the...
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    e-bike battery prices are not coming down

    Thankfully my yamaha 500WH battery is still good going into it's second year.. I was hoping the prices for replacement batteries would be coming down but they are not.. A replacement battery for my bike is $750-$850... Is anyone aware of where these batteries are available for less money?.. I...
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    ebike withdrawal

    Haven't ridden in a few weeks now, northern Michigan. Icy roads, snow, slush, cold etc. etc.. yeah yeah I know, get studded tires good gloves and boots LOL. I love ebiking but not THAT much. I put on double the miles I would have ridden on my acoustic bike this summer, my first summer with an...
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    Hydraulic rim brake issue

    My wfe has a Gazelle Easy flow that has magura hydraulic rim brakes. The front brake does almost nothing to slow the bike down. The brake lever has been adjusted and engages properly and does not come in contact with the hand grip when applying the brake. When I apply the brake while looking at...
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    Chain stretch

    I ride 99% paved bike paths or roads and go very easy on the motor/drive train. bike is Haibike trekking 6.0 with Yamaha drive and 10 speed cassette in the back, two chain rings up front. I clean and lube the chain every 100mi. on average. I have 750mi. on the bike and so far my chain stretch...
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    83 years old and bought 1st ebike!

    Here is my wife with my 83 year old buddy Ken when he is buying his first ebike.. Ken hasn't ridden a bike in 70 years and is absolutely loving his new bike. He did crash a few weeks ago but it didn't slow him down at all and he's become quite proficient at riding
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    2018 Haibike trekking 6.0... 500mi. report

    Just clicked over 500mi. on this ebike and so far it has been flawless. I can't see any measurable chain stretch with my gauge, spokes are all good, gear shifting is quiet and quick, I do reduce pedal effort before shifting all the time which eliminates any grinding/clunking. The michelin...
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    More power, higher speeds trending?

    Seems to me there are more offerings of higher wattage motors lately and larger batteries to go with them. This coupled with the plethora of devices to unlock speed limiting software could result in more strict regulations and enforcement IMO.. Luna's "ludicrous" 2000 watt offering, FLX blade...
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    Technical manual for Yamaha/Haibike

    Sorry if this has been posted before.. TONS of info you don't get with the bike.
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    Is it possible to buy just the Yamaha PW display?

    We had a fellow ebiker have problems with the display on his gazelle a few days ago. It would not light up or turn on the bike at all. After smacking it around a bit, it worked but quit again later in the day. We verified it was the display being the culprit as we had an identical bike in the...
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    Easy Flow display issue

    Shimano Steps system display fails to turn bike on.. Contacts and wiring are all good... Switched with another display from another easy flow and bike turns on normally. After vigorously shaking and tapping display after removed from its cradle, it worked again, then failed the next time we...
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    My buddy crashed yesterday

    I feel bad as I talked my 82 year old friend into buying his ebike in the 1st place. He would not be riding at all if he had to ride an acoustic. Four of us went for a ride on a popular MUP in N. Michigan. Originally we had planned the ride for today but rain and thunderstorms being forecast...
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    Good News ride

    We rode the wheel way trail and all around Petoskey in Northern MI. yesterday. The bike trail there is usually very busy and yesterday was no exception. We've ridden the path on acoustic bikes several times but this time we took the e-bikes. We were a bit concerned that our bikes would not be...
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    "cars only" neighborhood?

    Finally have decent riding weather here in N Michigan (sort of) and we've been exploring local roads close to home. There is a development close to ours that has some very high priced houses all with water views. Doing a loop from our house around this development is just a 7 mile ride but...
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    Winter doldrums

    Well, so cold and so much snow here the new e-bikes are almost forgotten in the basement.. Sad because we just bought them in October and only had a few weeks to ride them before it got cold and icy. Hats off (or hats on?) to those who brave riding in winter months, it's not for us. I've read...
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    e-bike withdrawal

    I know I could get studded tires and brave the winter but our roads in the neighborhood have been icy for weeks. We just got our bikes in Oct and a few short weeks later the party was over. I bought a maintenance stand and have been through both bikes, lubing and checking torque on all...
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    Dreaded brake rub

    My shimano front disc brake rubs on my Haibike.. I watched a few youtube videos and performed the loosening of the caliper bolts, squeeze the brake and then re-tighten the bolts.. Still rubs in one spot.. I hate to try and bend the disc as recommended on another video. It's not a bad rub but...
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    recommendations for an inexpensive repair stand

    I'd like to buy a stand to be able to work on my bike but have already spent a ton of money on two e-bikes and accessories. Can someone recommend a stand that will be o.k. for a 55 lb. bike that is of reasonable quality?
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    My e-bike has been banished to the garage

    I got away with having my new Haibike in the living room for an entire MONTH but now with the holiday season upon us and with company visiting on and off though New Years, my bike had to be moved out to the cold garage. I argued that having the Haibike in the living room was a great conversation...
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    How accurate is your distance (miles remaining) meter?

    I'm sure this varies by brand and of course a headwind or hilly terrain will be a big factor as well as how hard you are willing to pedal but I'm wondering when my display says I can go 50mi. in "high" assist mode on my Haibike if that's anywhere near accurate.