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  1. WilliamT

    Problem: How to setup 2 stage brake light

    I purchased a brake light that has 3 wires; red, yellow, black. To test it, I used a 9v battery. When I run current through the red and black, I get the usual light when riding. When using yellow and black, the light is brighter. I'm assuming that's when you applied the brake. The...
  2. WilliamT

    Smart Bike trainer

    I remember the last time I used a bike trainer was over 30 years ago. It had a little flywheel on the back with the rear wheel sitting on a cylinder while you clamped the front forks to the trainer frame. I don't ride as much as I used to; may a century ride every few weeks over the weekend...
  3. WilliamT

    Planning your route

    When I go riding on a route that I've never done before, I go through the route on google maps and take screenshots of any spots that may get lost on. Each screenshot is pasted into an editor as I move through the route. When I'm done, I print out the entire trip making notes by hand on any...
  4. WilliamT

    all wheel drive Radwagon

    Updated by Radwagon to use a 500 watt front geared hub. Bafang 500 watt front geared hub: I have several 48v and 52v batteries lying around so I got the kit without the battery. The kit came with 3 different PAS units. The standard ring with magnets and another one that was very tiny that...
  5. WilliamT

    DC bike ride (May 16, 2020) According to their FAQ "Pedal-assist bicycles are allowed. E-bikes with a throttle or that can be POWERED BY MOTOR ONLY ARE NOT ALLOWED. " So if you disconnect your throttle, is your bike allowed? Then it would only run in pedal assist mode.
  6. WilliamT

    Radwagon rear flat

    Got my first rear flat on the Radwagon after a few years of riding. I carry a socket wrench along with my repair kit and extra tubes just in case. It turned out to be a pinched flat probably from one of the tree roots I bumped into on the trail. Getting the wheel off was pretty easy once I...
  7. WilliamT

    e-bike kickstand

    For anyone interested, I came across this double leg kickstand that seems to hold up well for heavier e-bikes. My previous single leg kickstand made stuffing the panniers difficult. If you stuff the...
  8. WilliamT

    Radwagon with Jones type bars

    Most of the time I enjoy riding my hardtail or full suspension bikes both with 760 mm bars. Switching over to the Radwagon, the narrow bars and raised stem feels unstable when leaning into turns or standing to pedal. I decided to replace the stem and put on wider bars. With the front air...
  9. WilliamT

    Ribble now sells eBikes

    For those interested in electric road bikes
  10. WilliamT

    BBS02 on Bianchi road bike

    I purchased this Bianchi new as a teen over 30 years ago. I used it to bike from my dorms to classes back in the 80s. Since then, its been updated as parts have broken and just needed to be updated. The 12-23 freewheel was too difficult to ride on hills. The old Mavic rear wheels got damaged...
  11. WilliamT

    Suspension shocks freezing in winter riding

    Yesterday, I was riding in rain/sleet/snow for a few hours and I noticed my front suspension shocks froze up. I looked at the forks and stanchions were covered in ice. It basically felt like I was riding with the forks in locked position. Does anyone know if there are covers that you can put...
  12. WilliamT

    Winter gloves inquiry

    Currently when I'm ride in cooler temperatures ( < 20 degrees F ), I use bar mitts along with heated electric gloves base layer + fleece glove. Its comfortable but all the batteries are wired onto my cargo bike so its not convenient to transfer the batteries to my other bikes. I was...
  13. WilliamT

    Front Freewheel System with BBS kits

    I came across this video about a front freewheel system and was wondering if this could be a solution to the problem with BBS motors slamming the gears while you shift. Assuming you don't use a GearSensor, this setup would allow you to change gears while coasting. Since the motor is off at...
  14. WilliamT

    2016 Radwagon Chain Length

    FYI, Its 146 links if anyone is interested. I had to buy 2 chains (116 links each) and connect them to make it work.
  15. WilliamT

    Radwagon with suspension fork

    I finally decided to put a suspension fork on my Radwagon because the MUP that I take can get pretty rough. Sometimes I take an alternate route that is double the distance but I have to ride over some pretty rough wooden bridges. So I learned that a suspension fork raises the height of your...
  16. WilliamT

    Bike to Work Day
  17. WilliamT

    Portable battery to recharge bike battery

    Are portable AC power banks strong enough to run a battery charger to recharge an e-bike battery. I was looking at this one in particular...
  18. WilliamT

    Cable-Actuated Hydraulic Disc Brakes

    I have a RadWagon that came with mechanical disc brakes. With my additional front motor , 2 cargo bags attached, and second battery, bunch of tools, occasional 17 inch laptop, and 3 sets of clothes (for the gym, for work, for the ride back) the bike comes in at 135+ lbs. I can adjust the rear...
  19. WilliamT

    Radwagon 2WD

    After getting some new mid drive kits for my other bikes, I had a Dillenger 36v geared hub kit lying around so I decided to install it on my Radwagon. The battery easily fits on the back rack. You could have a row of batteries setting back there. Hill climbing is a lot easier now. Most of...
  20. WilliamT

    Specialized Rockhopper and BBS02

    So after 2 front hub builds, I decided to do my first mid-drive build on a Specialized Rockhopper. The kit I purchased from Luna Cycles with a 48v 13.6 ah dolphin battery that I can swap with my RadWagon commuter. Things to consider before doing the build. 1) Get yourself come tools for the...