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  1. Jtschump_sea

    ST2 Kickstand Issue

    Anyone have an issue with the kickstand hitting the crank arm while pedaling? I've taken it off, cleaned it up, lubed it and reinstalled and it still seems to have loosed up and the crank is clipping it when pedalling. I have to on occasion 'kick it' over on a ride to get it out of the way...
  2. Jtschump_sea

    Some tasty upgrades to the ST2

    First off I can't say enough great things about this bike. I've been a bike enthusiast going on 30 plus years and I can say this is one of the top 5 bikes I've ridden in my day. And I've owned a LOT! I've spend more on bikes than most have cars. Want to share a few components I put on this...
  3. Jtschump_sea

    This is what the ST2 should have come stock with

    The SR fork is the perfect addition to the ST2. Makes the handling around the awful roads here in the greater Seattle area so much more enjoyable to ride. Yes I will admit the price is a bit steep for a suspension fork but it does match up with the bike perfectly.
  4. Jtschump_sea

    ST2 Kickstand replacement

    I understand the idea of the kickstand auto retracting but it's REALLY annoying. Anyone replaced with another model. I think I read someone doing just that and curious what model fits.
  5. Jtschump_sea

    Nothing but smiles!!

    Took deliver on a 17" Black ST2 this week and couldn't be happier. A couple issues right out of the gate. The soft power button was giving me grieve but a call and conversation with Joel Montecalvo the Stromer Service Manager and it turned out to be a wire in between the button and the Omni...
  6. Jtschump_sea

    Strap around battery compartment

    I've noticed a lot of pics with a Velcro strap around the battery compartment. Is the battery door problematic or are people just doing this a precaution? JT
  7. Jtschump_sea

    Stear tube diameter of ST2?

    I'm sure one of you know. Curious as I'm wonder what other fork options I may have available.
  8. Jtschump_sea

    Mid Drive Vs. Rear Hub motor

    So I'm considering an e-bike after 40+ years of cycling as I'm finding my knees are starting to give me grief pulling the hills on my commute here in Seattle. I'm considering 2 really fine bikes in my opinion (which is good as I've build up 9 bikes for myself over time and those are just the...