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  1. pocomo

    2017 Urban Max Tire?

    Hey Folks - I am considering buying a 2017 Urban XL. For current owners, does it look possible to fit larger tires with the fenders still in place? 650b 2.0's are fine, but for ebikes I am in the 'bigger is better' camp. Thanks, Pocomo Arlington, MA
  2. pocomo

    30+ Mile Day Yesterday

    Background: I have a 750W Lectric BBS02 kit on my bike with the 48V/11.6ah/557wh battery. I've been using it for about 3 weeks now, and really enjoying riding extensively for the first time in years. I commute to work each day and charge the battery overnight each night, plus some play riding...
  3. pocomo

    New e-Rad Conversion

    Just got my first ebike yesterday, with Lectric's 750W/48V/11.6Ah kit. I did a break in ride of about 15 miles in the evening yesterday (mix of bike path, residential and fairly busy roads with some moderate hills), which went great. Practiced my 4.5 mile commute to work today up over a...
  4. pocomo

    e-RAD battery maintenance

    I'm new. I searched around a bit (not knowing the best terms to search) but did not find very much on this topic on the site. Regarding charging: Is it best to 'top up' as often as possible? I know it's bad to let the battery drop much below 20%, but with my short commute in PAS mode I doubt...