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  1. kermit_xc

    Rear Rotor Bolt Size

    Regular M5x10mm bolts are too long for the rear hub/motor assembly, the spindle stops spinning way before the bolt bottoms out. I had my wheel replaced by Specialized (bad torque sensor) and after stripping a bolt on the original wheel when swapping them out I left the rotor and the bolts on...
  2. kermit_xc

    2016 Base Turbo HUB Service

    It's time for a complete overhaul of the bike after 4k miles. I just finished replacing the drivetrain and had the rear wheel rebuilt (factory spokes / nipples are POS) What I would like to do next is to rebuild the hub, does anybody here have any experience with that? What kind of pawl system...
  3. kermit_xc

    Disc brake upgrade - Shimano XT

    Has anybody here ditched the Formulas in favor of something better - I am about to go the XT route and am wondering if the IT Rotors fit in the back?
  4. kermit_xc

    915miles in 45days = 32charge cycles

    I just checked at the shop - my Base Turbo has 32 charge cycles after 900 miles in 45 days. I have 2 chargers between the office and home and depending on the wind, my 21.5mile commute (one way) leaves me with 10%-40% on full Turbo - I don't bother with ECO unless it forces me at below 20%...
  5. kermit_xc

    Software Update ... no speed after

    So I just picked up my bike from the dealer - it was supposed to address the startup issue - which it seems it did. But now the bike cuts off at about 16mph ... big time JOKE! I will take it back tomorrow - but would like to speculate on what could have gone wrong in the meantime. Doubt the...
  6. kermit_xc

    700x28 tires

    so I have a set of those in 700x28 size: nothing wrong with the stock specialized that my base 2016 Turbo came with...
  7. kermit_xc

    2015/2016 Base Turbo Startup Issue

    I have been riding my Turbo for the last month, total of 450miles and am overall very happy with it. But there is one major problem and I am wondering if anybody else has seen anything like it: Each morning (or afternoon at work) when I am ready to go, the power button responds with the first...
  8. kermit_xc

    2015/2016 Turbo - 300 miles / 2 weeks impressions ... and photos

    thought I'll share some thoughts after using the Turbo as a dedicated commuter to and from work my commute: distance: 21.5miles elevation gain: 348ft going in / 751ft coming back time: 1h (+/- 7 min) rider: 6'4" 245lbs I use turbo mode explicitly with occasional regen on rolling hills to save...
  9. kermit_xc

    Panniers for commuting

    I am wondering what you experience with different panniers is - I started riding with my trusted ortlieb back rollers while extremely capable in terms of load and water resistance - I always wished for a proper office / commuter bag. Picked up a bontrager town briefcase yesterday and after...
  10. kermit_xc

    $4000 drying rack

    First week to break 100 miles. It's been great so far ... ended up getting a 2nd charger for work
  11. kermit_xc

    Trouble turning turbo on

    this happened twice in a row: - push power button in the morning (charged night before and unplugged after charging complete) - diagnostic check blinks twice at end (no error codes on display) - bike turns off after lights flash / coming on briefly - repeat to no avail - take the bike on a...
  12. kermit_xc

    Retrofitting rear light to a brooks saddle

    any ideas what to use to bond the plastic harness to the Brooks saddle (Swift). It looks like a pretty good fit actually - but I don't want to damage the leather with drilling anything, it would have to be a glue / epoxy that bonds to the tool bag mounts (titanium) any suggestions good...
  13. kermit_xc

    Base Turbo battery rattle

    I know I saw somebody mention there being a bolt under the bottom bracket that pushes the battery in ... I see the moving block in the battery compartment - but I can't find the actual adjustment bolt. Can somebody point me in the right direction as the battery rattles out of the box and I am...
  14. kermit_xc

    New Base Turbo has arrived - first commute observations

    Ordered on Monday - picked up Saturday, quick stroll home - strip the cockpit from "required by law" equipment and took it on my daily commute route Bike: 2016 Base Turbo XL Distance: 22.4miles Moving Time: 1:13:11 Elapsed Time: 1:21:07 (stop lights) Avg Speed: 18.4mph (major head wind)...
  15. kermit_xc

    Turbo display - matchmaker mount?

    is the display on the base Turbo 2016 mounted on a matchmaker adapter? I am asking because I wondering how easy is it to upgrade the brakes once the Formula C1 start misbehaving
  16. kermit_xc

    Turbo hauling a kid trailer

    anybody hauling their kids with a turbo - I am wondering if it's even feasible with the 200W motor on the base Turbo ... any input is greatly appreciated
  17. kermit_xc

    Specialized Turbo Battery for sale - brand new in Austin TX

    as I am waiting for my Turbo Base delivery - I am wondering if anybody is interested in purchasing the brand new battery that it comes with it: 468 Wh. I am looking at recouping the upgrade cost. I am located in Austin TX and would prefer a local pickup ... bike was ordered today, so the brand...
  18. kermit_xc

    Turbo motor / wheel upgrade

    Just a thought I wanted to bounce around. Say I get the current Turbo Base, and down the road want to upgrade to the Turbo S wheel / motor assembly. Does anybody here can think of why this would not be possible. And BTW ... I was able to drop a Turbo S battery into the Turbo Base and it worked...
  19. kermit_xc

    Turbo vs Competition (Raleigh Misceo ie in particular)

    I am actively researching the current pedal assist bikes available in the US. The very first one I tried was a 2016 Specialized Turbo - WOW! I felt like a 10 year old again riding that thing up and down the street with a huge grin. Next I had a opportunity to test a Raleigh Urban bike with a...