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  1. Gionnirocket

    Battery Repair, BMS?

    I have a LiitoKala 48v/10ah battery that is only charging to 52.6v and shutting down at around 44v+/- when sagging to 43v+/- under load. Some prior discussion on the pack here for those totally bored. So after my ride today I decided to cut it open and see what's going on. On first inspection...
  2. Gionnirocket

    USB Programming Module

    Does anyone know the details of the chip used to program the controller? Mine crapped out on me yesterday and I've already ordered a replacement, but I'd also like to repair the one I have. I did a continuity test on the cable which showed it was OK so it has to be the board. I can't find an...
  3. Gionnirocket

    Frame Bags for Battery and Wire Management.

    I don't think I've stumbled on anything novel here.... but I haven't seen anything posted taking this approach. Recently I purchased a smaller battery that would fit in my very tight triangle and I needed a way to secure it and make it somewhat presentable. That along with following some of...
  4. Gionnirocket

    BBS** Settings/Pedal Assist/Stop Decay *Excellent Motor Refinement *

    I'm wondering if anyone has played with Stop Decay beyond the typical 0 - 10 setting. I've been playing with setting in the range from 40 up to 120 and I notice a much improved smoothness to both acceleration and riding along at a constant pace. The only way I can describe it is that the PAS...
  5. Gionnirocket

    CC Upgrades and options.

    Seriously contemplating a CC for arrival next spring and was wondering what upgrades and options owners felt were worth doing. I guess at the top of my list is the suspension. Also thinking an 8 or 9 spd if possible as my rides are not in the extreme at either end and my current 7sp (13t-28t)...
  6. Gionnirocket

    Kenda Spring Tire Sale
  7. Gionnirocket

    Contaminated Brake Pads

    Thought I'd share the experience of a recent mishap.... After doing some front end work on my bike I found that the front disc brakes were working at less than 50% stopping capacity than before. I'm not sure what I may have contaminated them with as I did use WD-40, Dry Teflon Spray Lubricant...
  8. Gionnirocket

    Kenda Tire Sale.

    Nothing that I'm interested in but. . .
  9. Gionnirocket

    Cable Lubrication

    I've lubricated cables on bikes that have sat for a while like a spare bike for visitors and it has helped the cables move freely again. . but when replacing cables I haven't been lubing them at the time of install. Does anyone lube cables as a preventative maintenance step?
  10. Gionnirocket

    Rear Suspension Geometry and Shock Choice

    I'm contemplating changing my base 650lb spring shock with an air adjustable one. My current eye to eye measures in at 170mm. The shock that I'm looking at comes in two close enough flavors at 165mm/40mm travel and 190mm/ 50mm travel. The 165 looks like it would go in no problem and it would...
  11. Gionnirocket

    BBS*** Settings for a Smoother Ride

    There's been some discussion amongst us older folk who still enjoy pedaling and getting some exercise but want a little motor assist now and then without the heavy acceleration, aggressive launching and just want an all around smoother less intrusive ride. I've been playing around with settings...
  12. Gionnirocket

    Balance Charging? 100% Charging?

    I'm hoping someone ( maybe @Ravi Kempaiah : ) can help me understand some aspects of Balance Charging. I understand with most simple chargers and BMS's this is done at the end of a full charge and I understand the benefits of why it needs to be done. But where I would like a little...
  13. Gionnirocket

    Aliexpress, you son of a ...!

    So yesterday I got the itch to do some long overdue maintenance and replace my drivetrain with parts I purchased quite a while ago. Got the freewheel and chainring replaced all while taking my time and cleaning hard to reach places as I go. So now down to the last component, the chain, which I...
  14. Gionnirocket

    Maximum Tire Size?

    I've always replaced my tires with the same size or on occasion slightly smaller. But now I'd like to go a little bigger... Stock were 26 x 2.1, now looking at 2.2's or more How do you determine the maximum tire that will fit my rims? bike?
  15. Gionnirocket

    Isaias.. you son of a. . . !

    I packed a nice breakfast and headed out to the South County Trail here in Westchester, NY for a nice morning ride with the anticipation of going 20 - 25 miles and breaking 1000 miles on my BBS02B install. Isaias wasn't having it. Got in about 6 miles trying different entry points but each time...
  16. Gionnirocket

    Analog bicycle? Acoustic Bicycle??

    Perhaps I've misplaced my sense of humor... or maybe I've officially become a grumpy old man... but every time I read one of these terms I want to smack somebody in the back of the head with a dictionary! 🤬 🥰 😇
  17. Gionnirocket

    Batteries and Solar Radiation

    Anybody protecting their battery from the sun baking it? I didn't take measurements, but to the touch the case feels about 50°f cooler on a sunny day after adding the reflective insulation. I put a small spacer on the battery where the bungy cord crosses to maintain an air space between the...
  18. Gionnirocket

    $10 DIY Smart Charger Alternative / Ver. 2.0

    I've been experimenting with an easier way to achieve a 70% - 90% charge or a storage charge for my battery other than just timing it and I came across an inexpensive solar charge controller that I thought I might be able to adapt. In the end I am able to achieve my goal, but it didn't end up...
  19. Gionnirocket

    48v battery pack full charge voltage?

    When I fully charge my battery, the budget 2amp/54.6v rated charger cuts off at 54.0v and then will cycle on and off briefly for a while... is this typical? I realize that 0.6v on a 13S battery pack comes to 100ths of a volt per cell so its not that I think it is a problem. Especially since my...
  20. Gionnirocket

    Sequence to connect USB Programming cable: BBS02B

    I may be worried about nothing but I've read multiple conflicting directions on how to start programming on a BBSXxx. Some say to be sure the battery is disconnected, others say make sure it is connected and on before connecting the USB cable to the display cable. And some actually say both...