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    Got the Sport and the Flow. The Pros and Cons.

    Hi all, thought i'd share a mini review since I own both. Purchase price of the bikes were 1199 + tax. Flow has 200 miles. Sport has 11 miles. (edit, now 40 miles, did 30 more miles after i typed this up) Thought i'd share for all you value buyers. I did research and as of 9/5 espins bikes at...
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    Got my Espin Flow - Short summary

    Thought i'd add to this forum for those interested in Espin's bike. First off, about me. I'm a value guy. When I buy things I like to know I got my money's worth. I also do research when i buy things of high value. So when Espin had the sale for $1199, imo it was a no brainer as blew...