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    Gazelle Medeo T10 HMB or Dost Drop Chain space ?

    If your shop carries Specialized try Vado 4.0 its similar spec to Gazelle.
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    Gazelle Medeo T10 HMB or Dost Drop Chain space ?

    The motor and gearing combination on Gazelle makes for great tourer with excellent climbing ability. My moustache has same combination so can vouch for it. Don't known anything about DOST motor which seems considerably more powerful. 9spd SRAM will be reliable but shifting quality isn't as good...
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    Need to upgrade from my Townie

    Here is one option in Cube range. There are other manufacturers making similar bikes. Power go for motors in 65-90nm range, gearing 10spd minimum with 11-42t cassette. Tires 2.15 -2.35. . Speciallized Turbo Vado Moustache Xroad...
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    Advice for Gazelle Medeo T9 city purchase and sizing

    First priority when choosing a bike especially expensive ebike is make sure its good fit for rider. In case of couple buying bikes the two bikes could be different styles and brands. Ideally batteries are interchangeable but not at cost of compromising on bike fit or paying lot more to do it...
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    Purchasing advice 50+ miles per charge

    Buy bike for comfort not range as 70miles is long day in saddle. Just budget for 2nd battery down track which you can throw in pannier. You may find 30-40miles is you in which case joint rides will be shorter.
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    Ultimate 380+ crash

    Had few eMTB crashs which resulted in broken bones and helmets. Bike was fine everytime. Unfortunately riders are more expensive to repair than bikes.
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    DIYers: minimum width tire for safety?

    You have a motor rolling resistance doesn't matter unless touring where range is important. 2.15-2.4 will do everything but sand and snow while giving comfortable ride. Also huge range of tires to choose from. NB there is significant difference in volume between 2.0 and 2.15 Big Ben tires I...
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    Advice for adding hydraulic brakes?

    Your bike will need kill switch in lever, see Tektro and Magura range. Not seen any Shimano brakes that offer this feature. Youtube has plenty of videos on fitting brakes. May need to change your rotors depending on what you buy. Don't be surprised if cost adds up very quickly.
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    Interesting Requirements - Electric Trike?

    NZ design that just swaps rear axle, so rest of bike is standard and easily supported.
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    Interesting Requirements - Electric Trike?

    Cube do electric trike. Local cube dealer may import one for you. Will most likely be 25kmh but that won't be issue for what you do.
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    Schwalbe Johnny Watts User Club

    I doubt they are rated for passengers, so not unexpected failure.
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    Adding a Throttle to Shimano Steps E7000 mid-drive

    The alternative is adding mid drive kit to standard bike.
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    Bike Path Dirt Road Bike Mountains

    Not sure why you want another bike for offroad when you have Reign. If you stay with Giant try to make sure batteries are interchangeable, that way you get 2nd battery.
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    Adding hardwired lights to a Shimano steps e6100 system

    Have to charge them separately and remove when securing bike. Hardwired lights are so much more convenient. I have mine on all time for safety. When dismantling anything take lots of photos as you go, saves a lot of headaches during reassembly. European online bike shops have great range of...
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    Violently, fully compressed front fork

    Radrover isnt MTB and never design to be used like one. Rough 4wd tracks at low speed are about its limit.
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    First ebike- mixed use neighborhood and mountain trails

    Commuting and touring I'm getting 3000-3500kms on 11spd hg701 chain to 0.75 wear mark. Replace couple small spockets on cassette which use around 32kmh cutoff. Replace cassette every 2-3 chain. With gen2 bosch change chainring with every chain also jog wheels on derailleur. If only chain is...
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    Gazelle vs Trek Verve+ 3

    Go for C8 has better gear range for climbing. The Ultimate C8 is only $200 more and comes with belt drive, riding position is little more sporty which may or may not work for you. From maintenace point of view both bikes are same, enclosed chain or belt drive are about as low maintenance as it...
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    First ebike- mixed use neighborhood and mountain trails

    The smaller sprockets on 11spd cassette canbe replaced individually for few dollars each.
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    3500-4500$ Ebike, help me choose

    Good luck with your first ebike, it won't be the last. I doubt you will have any issues, chinese motors tend to be reliable.